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NVIDIA's current Shield updated, supports HDR, and more

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 10:23 am

NVIDIA will be making owners of the current-gen Shield happy with a new firmware update that provides Shield owners with some of the new features of the upcoming refreshed Shield unit.




The new update allows Shield to push out 4K HDR streams from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as the nifty new GeForce Now game streaming. In order to use GeForce Now, you'll need to buy the new game controller that'll set you back $60.


NVIDIA has saved current Shield owners $200 with this new firmware, meaning if you want to save the $60 on the new controller because you won't use GeForce Now - then don't. GeForce Now will cost you $25 for 10 hours of gaming, powered by GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards in the cloud.

Kojima Productions new studio looks absolutely amazing

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 8:18 am

Hideo Kojima is working on something quite magical with Death Stranding, with a few teases of the game so far - and now, the team is moving into the new offices, and they look swanky AF.




Kojima left Konami back in December 2015, and has said that he and his team were working in a "temporary workspace". But now, they've built something truly beautiful - I want to visit it, and breath in everything - now.






We can see a 360-degree camera setup in a large room, a massive table with a large screen TV for discussions and I'm sure, the daily footage on Death Stranding.

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ASUS launch 1080p monitor with super-fast 240Hz refresh

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 7:22 am

ASUS has made its new ROG Swift PG258Q gaming monitor available, offering a 1920x1080 resolution and massive 240Hz refresh rate - for those, like me, who want to live on the bleeding edge.




The ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q is a 24.5-inch 1080p display that the company designed for eSports and super-fast games, especially those intense first-person shooters like CS:GO, Overwatch, and more.


ASUS has included NVIDIA's Ultra Low Motion Blur technology, which erases most of the motion blur - I have to use mine more to make judgment on that, which is coming very soon. ASUS includes a slick design, and its new Light Signature - something that provides light projection effects while you're gaming.

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Apple's new iPhone being referred to as 'iPhone X'

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 6:36 am

Apple is still over half a year away from unveiling its new iPhone, and now we're beginning to get a clearer picture of what to expect from Apple and its new iPhone - which is being called iPhone 8, iPhone 10, or iPhone X - depending on what you read.




Skipping the iPhone 8... as well as the iPhone 9, would be a strange move - but if the iPhone X is a big of a leap as what we're being teased about, it makes sense. iPhone X could be perfect timing as 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone - and 10 in roman numerals is... X.


Forbes has an interesting take, talking about the 2018 iPhone... so if we compare iPhone X against the competition and their naming schemes, Samsung has its Galaxy S8 out this year - Apple would be at iPhone 8S next year, while Samsung releases the Galaxy S9. Samsung would get to the Galaxy S10 in 2019, while Apple is stuck on the iPhone 9S.


A new naming scheme for a radically new iPhone would be perfect, and I'm really digging the sound of iPhone X - what about you? Especially if Robert Scoble and the latest rumors are right, and the new iPhone X is just a clear piece of glass with a compute stick. Give it to me, now.

ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ announced, a premium display

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 5:19 am

There are more and more UltraWide displays being released, but the ASUS Designo Curve MX34VQ stands out from the crowd in its design and features.




ASUS has used a 34-inch panel with a native 3440x1440 resolution, and an 1800R curvature. ASUS has even included a built-in Qi wireless charging pad, so with a compatible smartphone, convenience blends with style on the MX34VQ. Inside of the base, there are built-in LEDs that glow while your smartphone is charging.


The new Designo Curve MX34VQ includes 2 x 8W speakers, with Harman Kardon co-developing the system and using ASUS SonicMaster audio technology.

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Ultra HD Blu-ray drives are FINALLY coming to the PC

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Storage | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 4:27 am

Pioneer has teased that it has two Ultra HD Blu-ray drives coming to the PC, both in the usual 5.25-inch form factor, but there are some super strange PC requirements for 4K content to work.




First, you'll need Intel's new Kaby Lake-based processors - so your still awesome Core i7-6700K won't work, nor will that expensive Core i7-6950X, oh - and you'll need Windows 10. On top of that, you'll need a 4K monitor of course - and it has to have HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 2.2 support or it won't work.


On top of that, there's only a single Ultra HD Blu-ray playback software package available, and that's from CyberLink in the form of their latest version of PowerDVD - which Pioneer includes in the box. There'll also be CyberLink's other software included, with PowerDirector 14, PowerProducer 5.5, Power 2 Go 8, InstantBurn5, PowerBackup 2.5, MediaShow 6, Label Print 2.5, PhotoDirector 5 LE and a trial version of Media Espresso 6.5.


As for the pricing and availability, Pioneer has said that the initial back will reach Japan in late February, and in other markets soon after. Pioneer hasn't made pricing details available, and CyberLink will also have retail copies of their Ultra HD Blu-ray supported version of PowerDVD, but no dates on that yet either.

Upgrading to Intel Kaby Lake and you have a Z170 board?

By: Sergio Andrés Echart Kuc | More News: Motherboards | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 2:35 am

So, you have a Z170 motherboard, and Intel Kaby Lake is the CPU you want? OK, first of all, you must know that even though Kaby Lake is compatible with Intel's Z170 Skylake chipset, the CPU is designed for Intel's Z270 Kaby Lake chipset to use its new features.


As an overclocker, tester, and reviewer, I always move to the latest chipset if I decide to upgrade my CPU, and of course not an H/B or something chipset, I go to the root chipset - that means Z170/Z270. But, if you still want to stay on Z170, here's a comparison of the two designs and a must-do List to make your shiny new Kaby Lake CPU work on it.


Intel Z170 Chipset




It's clear you have more things on Z270 - 2x M.2 SSD, more USB, more SATA ports, etc.


Intel Z270 Chipset




A lot of people kept their Z170 board, sold their Intel Skylake CPU, and bought the new Kaby Lake CPU. Then all you have to do is install the new CPU and be done with it, right? Well, sorry to say it, but no. Infinite loop? Starts and turns off? Error codes? So, should I RMA? No. You should have upgraded your BIOS/UEFI first using your Skylake CPU as most motherboard manufacturers support Intel Kaby Lake on their latest BIOS released early in January. So, most of you I know, you didn't upgrade it. But, there's nothing wrong, I will help you with this.

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Battlefield 1's upcoming DLC has new maps, modes, more

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 2:30 am

EA is preparing to launch Battlefield 1's first paid DLC which is called They Shall Not Pass, and will include new maps, weapons, vehicles, a new game mode, and more.





New Maps


The new maps include Verdun Heights, where you'll through what will surely be a graphically gorgeous forest fire, where you'll want to get to the fortress of Verdun. EA says that the gameplay is a "constant grinding struggle where the artillery never stops".




The next map, Fort de Vaux, will see you battling between the German and French soldiers with guns, grenades, flamethrowers, and more - all in dark galleries, and wet stone corridors as your maze.

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New Mass Effect: Andromeda enemies and aliens revealed

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jan 27, 2017 12:49 am

BioWare and EA today dropped the second official cinematic trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which shows even more of the galactic battle players will face during their jaunt across the universe. And we also get to see a bunch of new aliens and characters to boot.



The footage is a cinematic bit so don't expect in-depth looks at anything; it's mainly a story teaser that showcases characters, locales, and highlights the main struggle we'll face throughout the game. In actuality it looks like players are put in a rather dire situation, as their Ark is marooned in deep space and running out of power. Ryder and his crew set off on the new Tempest ship in search of New Earth--and aid to help the ailing Ark and its 20,000 inhabitants. Instead of finding help, however, they find the fearsome Kett.


The footage shows how Ryder--the game's main protagonist and humanity's Pathfinder who's charged with finding a new Earth in the Andromeda galaxy--made first contact with the principal protagonist aliens: the Kett. We also get to finally see the Kett's leader the Archon in all of his creepy glory.

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BioWare teases new Dragon Age game

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jan 26, 2017 11:30 pm

BioWare's Mark Darrah continues to tease the studio's next Dragon Age project, and now we know for sure that the mysterious red book is based on the Dragon Age series, which may or may not tie into BioWare's mysterious new IP that they're working on. I have a strong feeling this is the Dragon Age Tactics game Darrah teased a while back, or perhaps a MOBA based on the fantasy universe.




Remember a bit ago when Mark Darrah teased a cryptic red book with a rook piece on its cover? It's been a while since we've heard anything about BioWare's new mystery IP, but Darrah actually opened the red book and shared the pictures online, confirming that the studio is indeed working on a new Dragon Age title. The pictures show internal concept art for characters or armors in the new game, showing a wide variety of possible character classes or outfits.


We know for sure that BioWare is working on a new IP and that it'll have extensive online components with server-based online multiplayer gameplay. However, we don't know if the new Dragon Age teased by the red book will tie into the company's new IP or not--I would imagine that a new IP means it won't be connected to any other existing franchise or IP, including Dragon Age.

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