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MSI teases its new M.2 Shield SSD heatspreader

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cases, Cooling & PSU | Posted: Dec 1, 2016 4:24 am

MSI is no stranger to cooling technology, with the company announcing it has added a heatspreader to the M.2 slot on future - and I'm guessing, Z270 motherboards - as M.2 drives have been running very hot in some PCs.




MSI will unveil the new M.2 Shield cooler with its next-gen motherboards that will support Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake CPU architecture, led by the Core i7-7700K - which seems to be running into its own temperature-related problems. MSI's upcoming M.2 Shield SSD heatspreader is a metal cover with a pre-applied thermally-conductive gap-filling pad.


It won't matter which M.2 SSD you have, MSI's new M.2 Shield will fit onto it as it is hinged at the bottom, clamping down onto the M.2 drive as it's the larger surface - meaning it can take more heat from the NAND flash.


MSI should better unveil the M.2 Shield at CES 2017 in January, 2017.

Rainbow Six Siege second DLC season pass available now

By: Ma Yong Kang | More News: Gaming | Posted: Dec 1, 2016 2:33 am

You can now buy Rainbow Six Siege next year season pass if you want to get all those DLCs at their day of release. Yet, if you still want the items from year one, you gotta buy that year one season pass or unlock them with in-game cash. Eugh...




The year 2 season pass gonna cost you $30. It will include every bit of content for Xbox One, PS4 and, of course, PC. According to Gameranx, here's what you can expect for year 2 content:


Operators and bonus DLC


  • 8 new Year 2 operators across 4 seasons
  • 8 exclusive headgear customisations
  • 8 exclusive uniform customisations
  • R6 Carbon charm
  • 600 R6 Credits to purchase in-game content


VIP perks


  • 7-day early access to each season's new Operators.
  • 10% discount in in-game shop
  • 5% Renown boost to unlock in-game content faster
  • 2 extra daily challenges

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Titanfall 2 DLC trailer shows all its content flawlessly

By: Ma Yong Kang | More News: Gaming | Posted: Dec 1, 2016 1:35 am

Last Tuesday, Respawn Entertainment detailed the content of Titanfall 2 first DLC but, we only got a glimpse of the Ion Prime Titan. We only got words of it. Well, the studio have awarded us with an jaw-dropping trailer today.



The trailer show us in the first part how the new elite wingman pistol gonna look, follow by an execution animation from the new Ion Prime Titan, the newly integrated phasing into your enemy execution and finishing with another execution from the Scorch Prime Titan.

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FDA is using ecstasy to treat PTSD in large-scale trials

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Science, Space & Robotics | Posted: Nov 30, 2016 11:31 pm

I can only imagine those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are reading news that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of MDMA (ecstasy) in large-scale trials.




The new Phase 3 research will see 230 patients involved, funded by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), an organization that pushes for the medical use of marijuana, LSD, and MDMA. MAPS funded the Phase 2 studies of MDMA with 130 PTSD patients. One study showed that out of 19 patients, 56% said that their PTSD symptoms weren't as strong after taking ecstasy with just three doses of MDMA - by the end of the study, two-thirds of them no longer met the criteria required for having PTSD - impressive.


Andrew Parrott, a psychologist at Swansea University in Wales said: "It sends the message that this drug will help you solve your problems, when often it just creates problems. This is a messy drug we know can do damage". But it's not as cut and dry as that, with a C.J. Hardin - a veteran who did three tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, said: "I just felt hopeless and in the dark. But the MDMA sessions showed me a light I could move toward. Now I'm out of the darkness and the world is all around me".

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12nm coming soon, uses 50% less power, can be 15% faster

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Nov 30, 2016 10:29 pm

We're swimming in a world with 14nm and 16nm products on the market, with AMD's new Radeon RX 400 series built on the 14nm FinFET process while NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 10 series and new Titan X are using the 16nm process - it's awesome. But, we're constantly looking to the future, right?




TSMC is said to be planning the production of 12nm technology, a new process technology that our friends at Fudzilla report will "enhance competition with 28nm and lower process nodes that have been adopted over the past few years". The new 12nm node will sit alongside the 16nm product portfolio, as a smaller option from TSMC that will better compete against Samsung and GlobalFoundries' offerings.


There are three different 16nm FinFET variations that TSMC makes, with high-performance options and ultra-low power uses where only 0.6v is used. 12nm should provide us with around 50% less power consumption, and 15% more power over current FinFET technologies, at least that's according to GlobalFoundries' recently-announced 12nm process utilizing Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator (FD-SOI) planar technology.


Since TSMC makes 16nm chips for companies like NVIDIA, Apple, MediaTek, and more - GlobalFoundries makes the 14nm FinFET chips that AMD uses in its Polaris-based graphics cards and upcoming Zen processors.

Grand Theft Auto IV updated for first time in six years

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Gaming | Posted: Nov 30, 2016 9:29 pm

The last patch for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV dropped in 2010; six years later and out of the blue, Rockstar has dropped one more.




The update primarily addresses issues that prevent the game from running as it should on modern systems. So, if you experienced issues like not being able to sign in to Games for Windows LIVE servers, anything related to Windows 8 or newer, crashes, or restricted graphics options on new video cards, you should be good to go now. As a bonus, there are a few bug fixes and minor performance optimizations.


Hit the source if you want the full notes; boot the game now to grab the update.

Internet Archive moving to Canada in light of Trump

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Nov 30, 2016 8:25 pm

The website and digital preservation service known as the Internet Archive is moving house to Canada in response to the election of Donald Trump. A known opponent of open internet, Trump has claimed he will close "certain areas" of the web in order to help curb terrorist communication.




"On November 9th in America, we woke up to a new administration promising radical change," the site writes in a blog post. "It was a firm reminder that institutions like ours, built for the long-term, need to design for change."


"For us, it means keeping our cultural materials safe, private and perpetually accessible; it means preparing for a Web that may face greater restrictions; it means serving patrons in a world in which government surveillance is not going away; indeed it looks like it will increase."

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Netflix users can now download content to watch offline

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Nov 30, 2016 7:30 pm

Netflix now allows subscribers to download specific content on mobile devices to watch offline.




Streaming giant Netflix today announced that subscribers can now download movies and TV shows to their mobile devices to watch offline, saving precious MBs in their data plans. Every subscriber of every plan will be able to download content for free, but you'll have to update the Netflix app to version 4.12.0 on both iOS and Android phones and tablets to use it. The feature is not available on desktops.


"While many members enjoy watching Netflix at home, we've often heard they also want to continue their Stranger Things binge while on airplanes and other places where Internet is expensive or limited. Just click the download button on the details page for a film or TV series and you can watch it later without an internet connection," Netflix Director of Product Innovation Eddy Wu said. "Many of your favorite streaming series and movies are already available for download, with more on the way, so there is plenty of content available for those times when you are offline. For example, Orange is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown are available for download today."

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EA: No new Battlefield for a couple of years

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Nov 30, 2016 6:05 pm

With Battlefield 1 smashing barriers and lauded as a triumphant FPS achievement, EA has no plans to make another Battlefield game for at least a couple of years. But the reason why isn't so obvious and straightforward: it's less about disturbing the actual series than it is about disturbing the game's engagement.




EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen details a critical look at the company's strategic plans when it comes to future games and the Battlefield series. Jorgensen affirms that EA's business model is focused on long-term engagement, which encompasses monetized content like microtransactions, DLC packs, downloads, and overall interest-driven content. So EA has no plans to quickly interrupt Battlefield 1's long-term engagement plan with another annualized release in the franchise--plus it doesn't want to "cannibalize" Battlefront 2.


"We won't have a new Battlefield back for a couple years. Next year we'll have Battlefront 2. But we're looking at all of our games and asking how might we provide additional opportunities for the player to engage them. The players want to engage deeply in the games. Our model internally isn't a financial model, it's purely 'how do we drive engagement,'" EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said at the Nasdaq 35th Investor Program.

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ExoMars' first images show a fascinating view of Mars

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Science, Space & Robotics | Posted: Nov 30, 2016 4:24 pm

The ESA's Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) arrived in Mars' orbit on October 19th as a part of ExoMars mission. The European Space Agency has now published a video compiled of a series of images taken in November by the TGO.




The first image sequence shown was taken at a distance of 5300 km, followed by a sequence acquired during closest approach of 235 km altitude. The video shows the Hebes Chasma region and Arisa Chasmata, which is located on the flanks of a large volcano on Mars named Arsia Mons.


The ExoMars mission will help us get a closer and better look at Mars and its regions, which should be favorable in our plan to colonize Mars.

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