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Intel CPU with AMD Radeon graphics coming this year

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: Feb 4, 2017 12:52 pm

The first reports of Intel using AMD's own Radeon graphics technology inside of one of their processors, we haven't been able to stop to think about the possibilities of Intel using AMD's GPU tech, and if they did - when would it happen.




Now it looks like Intel will be making a processors sometime this year with Radeon GPU technology, based on Intel's current Kaby Lake architecture. The news is coming from HardOCP boss Kyle Bennett, who has said Intel's new processor would be a multi-chip module (MCM) with a Radeon GPU die that is separate to the CPU die, and won't be on-die like Intel's current GPU tech.


Intel's upcoming Radeon-powered Kaby Lake CPU would be a mid-range part, so we could expect something in the 1080p 60FPS region for maybe $249? What do you think about pricing?

Capcom: 'no plans' for 21:9 support in Resident Evil 7

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Feb 4, 2017 7:12 am

Resident Evil 7 is a great looking game, but the lack of 21:9 aspect ratio support for UltraWide monitor games is disappointing - but will the game ever support UltraWide resolutions? It seems not, according to Capcom - the developer of the game said: "There are currently no plans to support wide aspect ratio monitors".




Capcom also talked about the reasoning behind the 90-degree FOV lock, as there is an artistic and technical reason behind it, with Capcom explaining: "FOV capped at 90 degrees is a game design decision". They continued: "The dev team explored potentially going wider after seeing feedback from the demo, but going wider introduces issues where certain objects, textures, etc. are then not fully rendered out for performance considerations. It will also have performance implications since going wider will introduce more objects into the scenery. Having too much peripheral vision for this type of game can also lessen the tension and atmosphere intended for the game".


From the way I'm taking this news, we won't have 21:9 aspect ratio support because of the artistic feel - which I think would be fine, but the performance reasons aren't strong enough for me. 3440x1440 is easier on your graphics card to render than 4K (3840x2160) - and even if it were 'too much', they could just warn people they would need a better graphics card.

Acer's new 38-inch UltraWide: FreeSync, 3840x1600 res

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: Feb 4, 2017 4:20 am

Acer has been really hitting its groove in the UltraWide display market, and now we have the introduction of their latest and greatest 21:9 display - the Acer XR382CQK.




Acer's new XR382CQK is a 38-inch UltraWide monitor with a native resolution of 3840x1600 (compared to the 3440x1440 on 34-inch UltraWide displays) - with AMD's FreeSync technology offering up to 75Hz. We also have DTS Sound with 2 x 7W speakersr, and Acer's impressive ZeroFrame design. Here's the full run down of what to expect:


  • AMD FreeSync™ renders smooth, stutter-free gameplay
  • Ergonomic stand promotes optimum comfort with adjustable tilt, swivel and height
  • ZeroFrame design affords maximum viewing area and near seamless multi-monitor setups
  • Dynamic sound effects thanks to DTS® Sound and two 7W speakers
  • Excellent multitasking capabilities via picture-by-picture, picture-in-picture and daisy chaining


Display connectivity includes 1 x DP, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x USB 3.1 Type-C, and 4 x USB 3.0 ports.


I think the additional pixels on the XR382CQK will be interesting to see, with 3840x1600 being a nice addition to the 3440x1440 native res I've come to know and love over the years. The 75Hz refresh rate is a little disappointing, as we're in a world of 3440x1440 monitors with a native 100Hz refresh rate. But still, 75Hz with FreeSync will be great for UltraWide gamers who aren't playing twitchy first-person shooters.


Acer's new XR382CQK is available at US retailers for $1299 right now.

Samsung Galaxy S8 prices and availability leaked

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Feb 4, 2017 3:24 am

Samsung was expected to launch the Galaxy S8 at MWC in Barcelona, however we know that is not happening. The launch is planned for March 31st, and we already know a lot about the upcoming flagship.




The new leak isn't focused on the specs of the phone, but rather its availability and pricing.


According to the leak, China and South Korea will get the devices with 6GB of RAM and not the ones with the 4GB. Users will be able to choose between 64GB and 128GB of internal storage. The price for the 64GB Galaxy S8 will be around $885 while the price for the 128GB device should be $943.

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Sniper Elite 4: DX12 on PC, native 1080p on consoles

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Fashion meets Tech | Posted: Feb 4, 2017 2:28 am

Rebellion has announced that Sniper Elite 4 will have DX12 support for the PC, as well as improved PS4 Pro support when it launches on February 14.




Sniper Elite 4 will take advantage of as many technologies it can, with Sony's juiced up PS4 Pro offering improved frame rate, increased draw distances and geometry level of detail, better lighting and shadow detail, better image quality of reflections, and even faster load times.


Rebellion boss and co-founder Chris Kingsley explains: "We've worked really hard to make SNIPER ELITE 4 our biggest and best game ever. And now the power of PlayStation®4 Pro, and DirectX 12 on PC, means we can take things even further for our fans who want the best sniper experience in the world. We're turning everything up to 12!"


Rebellion teases Sniper Elite 4 as: "Running in native 1080p on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Sniper Elite 4 is the first game in the series built without the constraints of older hardware and aims to deliver the definitive World War Two shooter for a generation. From sun-drenched Mediterranean coastal towns to colossal Nazi megastructures, daunting forests and giddying mountain monasteries inspired by Monte Cassino, Sniper Elite 4 will offer breathless emergent stealth action and unrivalled sniping freedom across maps many times the size of those seen in Sniper Elite 3".


Sniper Elite 4 stealths onto the market on February 14 for the PC, Xbox One, PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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AMD Ryzen flagship CPU is the R7 1800X - 8C/16T at 4GHz

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: Feb 4, 2017 1:00 am

AMD is only weeks away from launching their next-gen Ryzen CPUs, and now we're hearing that there will be a massive lineup of new processors, with 17 chips in total. This is good news, rolling in off the back of AMD's impressive quarterly financial report.




We know that AMD is preparing a Ryzen CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads, at 4GHz - but we haven't known the model of this processor... until now. AMD will reportedly don the R7, R5, and R3 series of SKUs - with the flagship AMD R7 1800X processor 8C/16T, with the performance to reach the Core i7-6900K (which goes for $1037 on Amazon right now). We've been hearing about performance on the purported R7 1800X for a while now, but it seems like we can expect the X series models to be the "Black Edition" processors, primed for the enthusiasts.




AMD will have 5 processors in the Ryzen R7 family, which all feature 8C/16T of Zen goodness - led by the R7 1800X, and joined by the R7 PRO 1800, R7 1700X, R7 1700, and R7 PRO 1700. AMD will have its mid-range R5 series, which will come in 6C/12T variants, while the R3 will compete against Intel's new Pentium and Core i3 processors with 4C/4T.


As for pricing, we can only estimate that AMD will price its R7 1800X at the $499-$699 market - and motherboards should be cheaper than the Intel alternative, as well as a $300-$500 saving from the Core i7-6900K. I think the Ryzen R5 series processors will be one of the best-selling CPUs of 2017, with 6-core/12-thread CPU performance and 3.5GHz base clocks to be impressive if AMD can hit up the $200-$400 market with these CPUs.


ETA? AMD will unveil these processors in a couple of weeks, with a larger launch at GDC 2017 in early March. We will be covering the new Ryzen CPUs as much as we can, with previews, reviews, and trade show coverage in the coming weeks.

Final Fantasy VII Remake episodes may not be consistent

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Feb 3, 2017 10:14 pm

Final Fantasy VII: Remake is still a long ways off, and there's no guarantee the game will even be shown off this year let alone shipped. What's more is the game is a multi-part series, meaning it won't be released all at once and instead launched in chapters. Given how long the Remake is taking, the episodes could end up on different console generations--provided the iterative cycle doesn't continue, of course.




Remember when Final Fantasy 15 was supposed to come to PS3 as Final Fantasy XII: Versus? Many years later the game showed up on PS4 and never shipped on PS3 due to difficulties. Could something similar affect the new Final Fantasy VII: Remake? Will each episode basically end up its own self-contained game due to inconsistent performance and quality? According to game producer Yoshinori Kitase, the final chapter of FF7: Remake could very well be much different than the first chapter, creating a kind of fractured game-within-a-game sentiment.


When Famitsu asked "should the production be prolonged due to being in multiple titles, will the rest of the titles maintain the quality from the first?" Kitase said: "With the quality line set in place, it's our duty to carry on and protect it until the very end without having any disturbances for the episodes under production. But of course as we advance through the episodes, it'll only be natural to have quality that is fitting for the next generation [of when the episode releases]."

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New photo of the LG G6 shows shiny back and dual camera

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Feb 3, 2017 6:32 pm

We've seen images of the LG G6 prototype, photos of the device in a case, and now an image of the LG's upcoming flagship in broad daylight has leaked.




Unlike the prototype images, this one shows the G6 polished and ready to rock n' roll. As you can see in the image, the G6 will have a dual camera and a fingerprint sensor in the back.


From the previous leaks, it is also clear that the G6 will have USB Type-C port. Other rumors also suggest that the G6 will have a 5.7-inch display and it will probably be water resistant.

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EA: Mass Effect: Andromeda to sell 3 million in one week

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Feb 3, 2017 5:32 pm

EA expects to sell about 3 million copies of Mass Effect: Andromeda in its first week or so, and here's how that will affect the company's overall Fiscal Year 2017 earnings.




Mass Effect: Andromeda will ship on March 21, 2017 which is right at the fourth quarter end of EA's current Fiscal Year (FY17). This is not by mistake. EA slotted the new Mass Effect game in this spot specifically as a business strategy to help bolster an already-stellar year of earnings. In its third quarter (ending Dec. 31) EA hit $1 billion of operational cashflow for the first time ever, and pulled in a net revenue of $1.149 billion. That's pre-Mass Effect: EA expects BioWare's RPG will have a massive effect on the fourth quarter earnings, and forecasts have net revenue estimates at $1.482 billion. From Q3 to Q4 2017 EA forecasts a $333 million increase in net revenue, and Mass Effect will be a major part of those earnings, but all of EA's current money-makers are included as well.


As such, EA expects that 30% to 50% of Mass Effect: Andromeda's lifetime sales will be sold through the game's launch period in Q4 2017. Mass Effect 3 sold about 6 million units at launch, so EA estimates the new Mass Effect could sell between 1.8 million and 3 million during its launch. Since the FY 2017 ends on March 31, 2017, Mass Effect: Andromeda will have 10 days or so to sell up to 3 million combined digital and physical copies on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Digital-only purchases are a different story. EA typically stops recording digital sales about 5-7 days before the actual fiscal year is over, so that leaves about a 3-5 day period for digital purchases to be included in the FY 2017 earnings.

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PS4 Pro may soon natively optimize in-game FPS

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Feb 3, 2017 3:31 pm

Sony's new 4K-ready PS4 Pro might get a new feature that natively optimizes frame rate threshold in games that don't yet have PS4 Pro Forward Compatibility upgrade patches, essentially letting every PS4 game harness the power of the new console.




Right now if you want to play your favorite game in 1080p 60FPS, 4K 30FPS or native 4K on the PS4 Pro you have to wait for the publisher/developer to roll out an enhancement patch. Sometimes these patches never come. As it stands PS4 games can't natively leverage the power of the PS4 Pro's beefier Polaris-grade GPU and overclocked CPU to enable higher frame rates and resolution. But what if you didn't have to wait? What if your entire games library could leverage some of the PS4 Pro's power by default and you weren't at the mercy of developers?


That might actually be about to happen. According to a Japanese beta tester screenshot on NeoGAF, the Sasuke update will enable "Boost Mode" which optimizes FPS in PS4 games without that don't have the required patches.

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