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Gun makers hope smart technology make their weapons even safer

By: Michael Hatamoto | More News: Hacking & Security | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 9:32 pm

In the world of gun safety, companies are scrambling to try and manufacture some type of technology to prevent accidents - and from stolen weapons used in later crimes - but there haven't been a lot of easy answers. The Identilock biometric authentication technology, created by Omer Kiyani, a gunshot victim from Detroit, provides an added layer of handgun security.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36602_01_gun_makers_hope_smart_technology_make_their_weapons_even_safer.jpg


The lock connects to a handgun's trigger and uses biometric authentication to ensure only the authorized gun owner is able to disable the lock - which takes less than one second from initial contact on the fingerprint sensors.


"The key is reliability," said Kiyani, when speaking to CNN. "The sensor has proved itself in different sectors over the past few years and the market is aware of its capability. The main point of firearms ownership is home defense, and home defense means quick access. But the other side of that is accidents."


Kiyani isn't interested in trying to get into a debate regarding gun ownership, rather wants to create a safe, easy-to-use locking mechanism.

Kim Dotcom launches new Internet Party via YouTube video

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 9:09 pm

Kim Dotcom is one of those people that I liken to the gunslingers of wild west legend, or something like Zoro or RobinHood even. Even though he faces very serious allegations that could land him in prison for quite a long time, he never gives up and continues to champion for internet freedom, and net neutrality.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36608_1_kim_dotcom_launches_new_internet_party_via_youtube_video.jpg


Dotcom's latest venture is not a new file-sharing website, or even attempting to dominate the latest first person shooter style video game. In fact, Dotcom has decided to move into a more political world where he can influence the path that government's take when it comes to internet legislation. Today Kim Dotcom officially launched the new political party which he named the "Internet Party," and has released a few videos detailing the party's new mission, and goals.

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Amazon to launch free ad-supported streaming TV and music service

By: Michael Hatamoto | More News: Online Video | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 8:29 pm

Amazon is expected to launch a free, ad-supported video service focused on television episodes and music videos, and could launch in the next few months. Both original content and licensed material might find its way to the service, with Amazon executives reaching out to potential partners.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36614_01_amazon_to_launch_free_ad_supported_streaming_tv_and_music_service.jpg


Amazon continues to expand efforts to dominate, with media invited to an event next week in which the Amazon set-top box could be announced. Although Amazon remains the most dominant e-tailer, the company wants to compete with YouTube in Netflix, especially as more users stream content in the living room.


In addition to providing content, Amazon will also be able to use the service to test its budding advertising capabilities.


Amazon currently only offers TV, movies, music and video content to its Prime members, which now costs $99 per year, though this offers a new twist.

Titanfall forces cheaters and hackers to play with each other

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Gaming | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 8:07 pm

There is nothing more I hate in this world that someone who cheats at online games such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty, or any of the FPS shooters. The latest blockbuster to hit the FPS gaming world, Titanfall, has a solution for this. Over the last few weeks, Respawn Entertainment has been silent and letting cheater cheat so they could collect data on what could be hundreds of cheaters, and has just now implemented a fix that will take these players out of the general population.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36604_1_titanfall_forces_cheaters_and_hackers_to_play_with_each_other.jpg


If you get caught cheating in Titanfall, you will not be banned from the game, but rather placed on a special blacklist that will only allow you to play on maps populated entirely by other cheaters. The segregation from legitimate players began this past Friday, and those caught saw a "FairFight: Cheat Detected" message pop up on their screen while inside the private lobby interface. Respawn included a contact email for those who feel they were incorrectly flagged to use, but users will have to prove they have not cheated.


Even though cheaters are banned from public servers, their non-cheater friends can still play with them though, but the match will have to take place on the isolated, cheater friendly servers. For now, the anti-cheating system is limited to the PC as it is the easiest platform to enable cheating on. While I despise cheaters to the core, I feel that this is the best solution possible for removing cheaters from the game, and could prevent those huge kill to death ratios we often see from cheaters.

Facebook teams up with other tech giants to launch WebScaleSQL

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Software | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 7:47 pm

Companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google have the task of operating and maintaining some of the biggest websites on the internet, and due to not only the amount of content they host, but the massive number of user accounts they must keep up and online at all times requires a massive database. These three companies have teamed up to create the perfect database designed to scale to massive proportions.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36612_1_facebook_teams_up_with_other_tech_giants_to_launch_webscalesql.jpg


Facebook along host one of the largest MySQL database deployments ever built and as the service continues to grow, a vanilla distribution of Oracle's MySQL was just not cutting it, so Facebook teamed up with Google, LinkedIn and Twitter to develop a MySQL alternative, WebScaleSQL, that was both scalable and robust enough to keep the social networking empires running for the foreseeable future. WsSQL is built with collaboration in mind and speed in mind, and allows database engineers from different companies to work together to create the best database possible.

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Malware drains your battery and helps bad guys mine for cryptocurrency

By: Michael Hatamoto | More News: Hacking & Security | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 7:19 pm

The "Coinkrypt" malware is making its rounds, infecting Google Android devices, letting cybercriminals mine Litecoin, Casinocoin and Dogecoin courtesy of hijacked devices.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36601_01_malware_drains_your_battery_and_helps_bad_guys_mine_for_cryptocurrency.jpg


Most malware today is designed to either steal information or create some type of financial incentive for criminals - and Coinkrypt follows that same strategy, but with a rather unique twist.


Although it isn't prevalent at the moment, security researchers want users to be aware of the potential ramifications if they are infected - including potentially causing batteries to drain faster - or eventually leads to overheating.


"While mining as a strategy hasn't paid off for these malware authors, as these digital currencies continue to grow, we predict that the number of new malware families targeting them will also continue to grow as malware authors experiment with various different strategies in their desire to cash in," a blog by security firm Lookout indicates.

4DX theater heads to LA this summer with motion seats and more

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Celebrities & Entertainment | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 7:06 pm

There are a huge number of movie theaters around the country today. Many of them show 3D films and a few of them have large format IMAX screens. A new type of theater is heading to LA this summer called 4D and it uses something known as 4DX technology. Rather than showing a larger image or a 3D image on the screen, 4DX brings some new features to the real-world.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36605_8_4dx_theater_heads_to_la_this_summer_with_motion_seats_and_more.jpg


A 4DX-equipped theater has seats that move and vibrate along with the action on the screen. That's not all it offers, the theater can also reproduce rain, wind, strobe effects, and fog along with smells that go along with the movie. I would think that it would be very hard to pay attention to the film while it was raining in the theater or you were surrounded by fog.


The very first 4D Theater in the US will be installed in LA this summer. It will be at the Regal Cinemas LA Live Stadium 14 in downtown LA. The company behind the theater tech is from South Korea and is called CJ Group.

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NVIDIA is paving the way for a world of 8-way GPU support

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 6:41 pm

GTC 2014 - At the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA unveiled a few new technologies that could see us in a world of 8-way GPUs in consumer PCs within the next couple of years.


TweakTown image nvidia_is_paving_the_way_for_a_world_of_8_way_gpu_supportTweakTown image nvidia_is_paving_the_way_for_a_world_of_8_way_gpu_support


Right now, the limitations in place in the form of chipsets, PCIe bandwidth and power consumption simply don't allow this to happen. Starting with NVLink, which promises some impressive tech - such as 5-12x the bandwidth of PCIe, it could happen.


TweakTown image nvidia_is_paving_the_way_for_a_world_of_8_way_gpu_support


Then we have 3D Memory, another technology which could enable 8-way GPUs. We have incredibly fast memory bandwidth, much faster than what is available today, and it will only get better, and especially as it has 400% better energy efficiency.


TweakTown image nvidia_is_paving_the_way_for_a_world_of_8_way_gpu_support


Then we have Pascal, NVIDIA's next-generation GPU. It combines NVLink and 3D Memory technology, while sprinkling some magical dust on top as it is only one-third the size of a PCIe card.

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Apple transparent texting lets people see what's behind the phone

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 6:34 pm

You don't have to go far to see someone walking around and texting on their iPhone. you also don't have to wait long to see some of these people run into something or someone while looking at their phone instead of what's going on around them. Apple has a patent application that shows a system called transparent texting.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36603_7_apple_transparent_texting_lets_people_see_what_s_behind_the_phone.jpg


The idea is that the rear camera of the smartphone would be used to grab a live video image of what is behing the smartphone. That way the person texting and walking could see what is behind the phone as they move around. Naturally, this would require the person texting to hold the phone straight up in front of their face.


Most of the people I see are walking and looking down at the phone. In that instance, having what is behind the phone in the background behind a text conversation would do no good. The Apple patent app was field with the USPTO on Thursday of this week according to reports.

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Turkey puts the brakes on YouTube, blocks all access to the video site

By: Charles Gantt | More News: BREAKING STORY | Posted: Mar 27, 2014 6:18 pm

Turkey has just issued a complete and total ban on Google's video hosting service, YouTube. Earlier today a Google spokes person issued a statement that read, "We're seeing reports that some users are not able to access YouTube in Turkey. There is no technical issue on our side and we're looking into the situation." Just hours later Turkish authorities said that an "administrative decision" was made to block the site from being viewed within its boarders.


TweakTown image news/3/6/36607_1_turkey_puts_the_brakes_on_youtube_blocks_all_access_to_the_video_site.jpg


This move comes just days after Turkey issued a ban on Twitter, which was later blocked by an injunction from a Turkish court. Some are speculating that the ban on YouTube is in retaliation to the the courts injunction, while others say that it is just the beginning of a movement to ban most western social sharing sites. With net neutrality a growing concern here in the US, a lot can be learned by these events, and allowing government regulations to take over the internet.

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