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Sony going for a 'big push' of its VR headset, Project Morpheus, at E3

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Wearable Computing | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 8:13 am

Oculus is set to unveil the Rift CV1 headset in under 12 hours, but next week at E3, virtual reality headsets are going to be all the rage. Sony is another big contender, with the Japanese gaming giant set to go for the 'big push' on its Project Morpheus headset for the PS4.




The PlayStation 4 exclusive VR headset will take up 'around half' of Sony's booth at E3, and with Sony's booth being quite big as it is, this means that Project Morpheus is going to have a large presence at the gaming show. As for games being shown off by Sony, a source of VRFocus has said that the games on display will be "first-party and exclusive Morpheus titles".


We haven't seen any first-party games for Project Morpheus announced or shown off yet, so that's exciting. The only content that has been unveiled or shown off for the PS4 virtual reality headset has been third-party content, and some technology demos.


Sony has confirmed that Project Morpheus will be released in the first half of 2016 for the PS4.

Your PC won't handle this 8K video that has just hit YouTube

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 7:23 am

Sure, YouTube has technically supported 8K videos since 2010, but the video sharing site only started labeling them this year. 8K has a resolution of 7680x4320, which is just insanely massive.



The first 8K video to hit YouTube is called "Ghost Towns" which was filmed using a RED Epic Dragon 6K camera in portrait orientation, reports TechSpot. In order to achieve full 8K, some of the scenes were upscaled or stitched together using Adobe After Effects. Since there aren't many native 8K cameras on the market, this is something that consumers won't get until sometime next year.


So now that there's an 8K video on YouTube, you can see if your Internet connection and PC are capable of handling 7680x4320, which they probably aren't. I'm running an 8-core AMD processor, 16GB RAM and a 34-inch ultrawide 3440x1440 monitor from LG - so the hardware is fine, along with a 100Mbps fiber connection and I get a jittery video, but it's a deliciously gorgeous jittery video.

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Razer rumored to acquire Android console maker Ouya

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Computer Systems | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 6:40 am

After rumors that Ouya was looking for a quick sale, it looks like that quick sale could be to Razer. Razer is rumored to be thinking of acquiring the Android console maker, with CNET reporting that the purchase agreement is "not yet finalized".




With investors putting $15 million into the company, founder and CEO Julie Uhrman is wanting to give them their money back, and not have the company sink into a financial black hole. An acquisition by Razer would make sense, as it would give Razer a cheap opportunity to get into the living room with an Android-powered console.

Futuremark announces VRMark, a benchmark for virtual reality

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Wearable Computing | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 5:28 am

Oculus VR will be announcing the first consumer Rift headset in around 12 hours time, with Futuremark jumping in early to announce VRMark. VRMark is a new benchmark that will test your entire system, both hardware and software, to measure VR performance.




The company explains VRMark as "a VR benchmark that uses a combination of software and hardware to measure VR system performance, latency, and accuracy, the key components in creating convincing and comfortable VR experiences". VRMark is in development right now, with some initial tests to be released to Futuremark's industry partners later this year.

AMD on 16nm GPUs: up to 200% better power efficiency over previous gen

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 4:20 am

We know that the shift over to 16nm is going to be an incredible one, but AMD is really aiming for some super jumps in power efficiency.




During an interview with Tom's Hardware, AMD said that the move to 16nm FinFET will have a possible 2x energy efficiency improvement over previous generation GPUs. 16nm is going to be a large jump for both NVIDIA and AMD, but we are going to see HBM2 used at the same time. NVIDIA's use of HBM2 will be the first time they will use High Bandwidth Memory, but it'll be AMD's second time, since Fury X will be powered by the next generation RAM.


We've teased that the Radeon R9 490X (which we guess might change now, and possibly to Fury X II) could have up to 1.2TB/sec memory bandwidth (1200GB/sec) up from the 336GB/sec that is found even on the super-fast GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

Valve has sold 35% of its first wave of Steam Controllers

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Computer Systems | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 3:40 am

Valve has updated TweakTown on what to expect for the next couple of months in the ramp up to the launch of Steam Machines, SteamOS, Steam Controller, SteamVR, Steam Box, and everything else Valve-related.




Doug Lombardi, VP of Marketing for Valve, said that the "get it early" offer for the Steam Controller "is available to everyone who pre orders, but only while supplies last. As of this writing, we have sold over 35% of the limited quantity available for early delivery in Oct".


Lombardi added that: "All Steam Machines offer full support for Steam's In Home Streaming, in addition to offering support for native Steam OS games. This means they can transmit and receive In Home Streams, and allow them to play all the games on Steam when paired with Steam PC".

AMD Radeon Fury X competes directly with Titan X in leaked benchmarks

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 2:42 am

We have been posting AMD Radeon news all week, but as we get closer to the announcement next week, the details become more clear. has posted some 3DMark FireStrike results, showing that the Radeon Fury X can keep up with the Titan X from NVIDIA.




As you can see, the Fury X scores 7873 while the Titan X is just a tiny bit better with 7989. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti is only a little bit behind Fury X with 7781, but it's the CrossFire performance that we should be looking at. Two of the HBM-powered Fury X cards in CrossFire push out an incredible 13,925 - but still ultimately lose out to Titan X in SLI with 13,964.


The Radeon Fury X will feature 4GB of High Bandwidth Memory on a 4096-bit memory bus, the first video card to ever be released with HBM. The CrossFire scaling on Fury is is pretty damn good, sitting at around 176% - but most dual GPU setups in synthetic benchmarks always push 150-180% scaling. It'll be interesting to see the CrossFire scaling on more mature drivers, in actual games.

AMD Radeon Fury X smiles for the camera, days before its unveiling

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 2:00 am

It feels like I'm reporting on the next-gen AMD hardware everyday now, which we pretty much are, but the latest we have on the Radeon Fury X is in the form of some new photos. We have previously reported that Fury X is around 50% faster than the R9 290X, and it beats the Titan X in a single OpenCL benchmark.






The new shots show off the liquid cooling on Fury X, the backplate, and the red LED Radeon logo on the card. In the above shots, we can see the Radeon logo lit up beautifully, and in the second shot, we can see it in more detail. Above the glowing Radeon logo is a dual BIOS switch, so you can overclock until your card fails, and then switch over to the good BIOS.




AMD will reportedly have a 300W TDP on the Radeon Fury X, with the card powered by two 8-pin PCIe power connectors. All of this will arrive in a much smaller card than we've ever received for a flagship GPU. Around the back of the Fury X, we have some tubing coming out of it for its watercooling, as well as a matte black PCB and backplate.

Thecus displays their latest NAS products at Computex 2015

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Storage | Posted: Jun 11, 2015 12:56 am

Computex 2015 - Thecus had a strong Computex this year, showing off some nice Windows-powered NAS products, as well as higher-end 10GbE-capable products.






As you can see, we have models that go as low as 2-bay, right up to 10-bay devices. Suiting any and all NAS storage needs.




In the enterprise, Thecus displayed daisy-chaining NAS systems through SAS with 10GbE networking to provide transfer speeds of 1.1TB/sec.




And finally, some Windows-powered NAS devices from Thecus.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

By: Michael Hatamoto | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jun 10, 2015 11:40 pm

If you haven't upgraded from the Sony PlayStation 3 or Microsoft Xbox 360, you'll still have the opportunity to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The game is expected to launch on November 6.



"However, we know that there are still some fans that haven't made the transition to the new console hardware, which is why we're happy to share that we're working with developers Beenox and Mercenary Technology on Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3," Activision noted in a blog post.


Of course, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game will feature campaign, multiplayer and zombie modes, but some features will be unavailable to previous generation console owners - such as the campaign mode will support two-player - not four-player - cooperative play.

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