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Samsung announces it is working on 11K super-resolution with 2250PPI

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 12:29 pm

Samsung has just announced that it has its eyes on developing the world's first 11K super-resolution, where it is collaborating other industries and education. The South Korean government is investing $26.5 million spread out over 5 years.




The new 11K super-resolution would feature an absolutely insane 2250PPI, and when compared to the current high-end 5K resolution and PPI, it looks insane. 5K features a resolution of 5120x2880, with a 218PPI on a 27-inch display. Samsung Display wants to hit the 2250PPI level at 11K, which will reportedly implement a "3D effect". The immense resolution and pixel density will supposedly provide a 3D effect, which would be a huge boon for VR screens, large screen TVs and even cinemas.


Executive Director Chu Hye Yong of Samsung Display's Base Technology Department said: "We are hoping that we are able to show such technologies at Pyeongchang Olympics if there is a progress in developing technologies. Although some might think that 11K as 'over specification' that consumers do not need, this can work as a basis for Korean display industry take another leap if related materials and parts improve through this".

Samsung rumored to launch Galaxy Note 5 early to beat the new iPhone

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 10:46 am

With the disappointing financial results from Samsung after its new Galaxy S6 and S6 edge didn't sell as well as the company hoped, they want to launch their upcoming Galaxy Note 5 early, so it has a headstart on the new iPhone.




Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone 6S in September, so Samsung is going to release the Galaxy Note 5 in August, according to sources of The Wall Street Journal. There's not much known on the Galaxy Note 5 at this stage, but if the rumors are true, we'll be introduced to the new smartphone soon enough.

Facebook reiterates it has 'no plans to go into music streaming'

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 10:40 am

Music Ally reported that Facebook was interested in entering the streaming music subscription business, competing against Google, Spotify and Apple, but the social network has come out and squashed those rumors.




"We have no plans to go into music streaming" said a Facebook spokesperson, where instead the social network is reportedly working on something unique and new. Music Ally reports that the new service could be a video sharing service, something that would compete directly with YouTube.


Facebook's purported video streaming service would offer up YouTube-like Content ID matching, competitive stream rates, and we're sure that it will feature music streaming, too. An insider source told Music Ally: "We have all been really utilizing it in internal testing. It is way, way ahead of YouTube".

EA announces Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition for $200

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 8:53 am

EA has just announced the Collector's Edition of Mirror's Edge Catalyst, which will include a huge 14-inch statue with two versions of Faith. One will be Faith as an adult, while the other will be Faith as a child.




Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition will cost $200, and will include an exclusive lithograph, 10 pieces of concept artwork, two temporary tattoos (one of the Mirror's Edge logo, the other that looks like Faith's right arm). It will be made available in a "limited quality" and will be made available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.


The game itself, launches on February 23, 2016.

Google Glass 'Enterprise Edition' features Intel processor, and more

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Wearable Computing | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 7:33 am

The new version of Google Glass will be powered by an Intel Atom processor, thanks to the detectives over at 9to5Google. They've reported that the new version of Google Glass will be called 'Enterprise Edition', or just 'EE'.




The updated Glass will feature a bigger prism, which is the little part of the wearable device that you look into, while Intel will provide an Atom processor. The larger prism is very welcomed, as it will help reduce eye strain and allow larger Now cards to be placed in front of your vision, while the Intel Atom processor will provide improved performance and better battery life.


Additionally, heat management has been improved, and thanks to the Intel Atom processor and its increased battery life, you should get through more of the day with the new Glass. Google has also reportedly developed an external battery pack for Glass, which I can't see many people using. Where are you going to install an external battery pack? On your ear? The new Enterprise Edition will also feature 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac dual-band Wi-Fi.

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Star Citizen's FPS module delayed weeks, not indefinitely

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 5:32 am

Not too long ago we reported that the release of Star Marine, the first-person shooter module of the ambitious Star Citizen had been 'delayed indefinitely'. This was wrong, and Cloud Imperium Games is now talking about it all, clearing everything on Star Marine up.




Cloud Imperium Games' Director of Community Management, Ben Lesnick, took to the Roberts Space Industries forums to clear things up, addressing complaints point-by-point. Firstly, he said that the statement that Star Marine had been "delayed indefinitely" was not the same as not having a release date, adding that "delayed indefinitely" is a games industry PR term for 'cancelled'.


Lesnick added: "The weekly updates from the team will give you a better idea [of what's happening], but the short story is that Star Marine was not ready for launch when we had hoped (and planned). We spent several weeks expecting that resolving a then-current crop of blockers would allow a PTU publish. When this didn't happen, we conducted a full review of the module lead by our top technical folks from around the company. What they determined was what you read in Chris' letter two weeks ago: we need to rebuild several 'boring' backend pieces and we need to fix serious animation issues before there would be any benefit to a release". As for the release, Lesnick said the delay is "weeks and not months/years/decades".

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The Witcher 3 expansions are huge, 'almost the size of The Witcher 2'

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 4:06 am

While The Witcher 3 might have over 200 hours of content, its expansions are going to be just as large. During a talk with Gamereactor, CD Projekt RED's Konrad Tomaszkiewicz said talked about the DLC packs for The Witcher 3, which are huge.




Tomaszkiewicz said: "The expansion packs will be whole new storylines with all the elements you've got in the main story (like cutscenes, new characters, new items, new Gwent cards) and many, many more. They will be quite long. The first expansion will be around 10 hours and the second expansion will be around 20 hours... and I think it's possible that they will be bigger, because it's always like this (that when we plan some time or hours, it's twice or something like this), but I'm not promising anything right now".


He added: "And even now, if you sum up this 10 to 20 hours and you compare it to The Witcher 2, it's almost the size of The Witcher 2. And it will be cool, it will be new stories, it will be very emotional stories and I think that people will be happy".

'Back to the Future' getting prequel comic series

By: Ben Gourlay | More News: Celebrities & Entertainment | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 4:03 am

With 'Back to the Future' celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year and yet continuing to garner more fans, it's no surprise that Universal Studios is keen to keep the story alive, even if Director Robert Zemeckis won't allow a remake or sequel until he passes away. So its perhaps fitting that the story will be extended in comic book form, with this week's announcement by IDW.




According to io9, the series will act as a prequel to the events of the first film, depicting how Marty first met Doc Brown and then filling in further story line gaps between the three films. Headed up by writers John Barber and Erik Burnham 'Back to the Future' #1 will hit newsstands in October to coincide with the release of a new 30th anniversary 4 disc Blu-ray boxset, which will include new bonus features.

Metal Gear Solid V the latest in downgraded graphics debacle

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 2:37 am

The last few years have been filled with downgraded and gimped graphics from games, but Konami looks to be joining a growing list of studios that have gimped their games because of the underpowered 'next-gen' consoles.



Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the game we're talking about, with some gamers not happy with the latest footage from the game. Some gamers are saying that there's a graphical downgrade in the shadows, textures and colors of the game. There are plenty of people on Twitter talking about it, with the producer behind the game, Ken-ichiro Imaizumi, trying to fan the flames.



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Ben Affleck will write, direct and star in the next Batman movie

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: HT & Movies | Posted: Jul 10, 2015 1:36 am

With Comic-Con 2015 kicking off, Deadline is reporting that Ben Affleck will be taking control of the first standalone Batman movie. Affleck will write, direct and star in the upcoming Batman movie.




Deadline's Mike Fleming reports: "My studio sources tell me that Affleck and Johns are well in synch and have more than found their rhythm. In fact, they are likely to turn in a script before the end of the summer, prior to Affleck going off to direct Live By Night in November. Affleck postponed that pic to star in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice".


Geoff Johns is a name that DC fans should know, as he's the co-publisher of DC Comics, one of the two people in the highest creative position at DC. Not only that, but he has put in considerable work into the well-received TV side of DC with Arrow and The Flash. We should hopefully see a different Batman than what we've seen with Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Trilogy' and Snyder's work in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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