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NVIDIA rumored to skip 20nm GPUs, with TSMC making its 16nm GPUs

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 10:37 am

TSMC is holding its annual supply chain forum sometime later today, where it's expected to unveil its new work on 16nm and 10nm node technologies. DigiTimes reports: "TSMC's 16nm FinFET process has passed full reliability qualification, and nearly 60 customer designs are currently scheduled to tape out by the end of 2015, the company announced previously. TSMC expects to move the node to volume production around July 2015".


TweakTown image news/4/1/41666_01_nvidia_rumored_to_skip_20nm_gpus_with_tsmc_making_its_16nm_gpus.jpg


NVIDIA is part of this meeting, but its competitor AMD, is not. This is an interesting part of the story, as AMD looks like it could coming out swinging with its Radeon R9 390X, but what process will it be made on, and by who? With NVIDIA looking to shift its already very efficient second-generation Maxwell architecture on the 28nm node, over the 20nm node and directly to the even smaller 16nm process, we could see quite a large jump in what NVIDIA could offer with what could eventually be known as the GeForce GTX 1080.


I personally think NVIDIA could rename, rebrand, or change things up with the next GPU launch. Moving its powerful, but energy efficient Maxwell architecture to a smaller process, could result in a massive change for NVIDIA. If we're already seeing such an improvement from the GeForce GTX 780 Ti to the GeForce GTX 980 on the same process, what can NVIDIA do when they're working with 16nm? Would it simply arrive as the GeForce GTX 980 Ti? Or would NVIDIA have enough power to really ramp things up, providing maybe an entire generational jump in performance, eclipsing anything AMD can do, or retaliate with, and change things up with a rebrand, or a new number scheme of GeForce GPUs?

The latest ASUS 4K monitor offers IPS panel, priced at under $800

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Displays & Projectors | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 9:30 am

ASUS has unveiled its new PB279Q monitor, which is a new 27-inch 4K display that offers an IPS panel for some beautiful color reproduction and image quality.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41660_01_the_latest_asus_4k_monitor_offers_ips_panel_priced_at_under_800.jpg


The ASUS PB279Q has a native resolution of 3840x2160, at either 30Hz or 60Hz depending on your display connectivity. 4K over HDMI will offer 30Hz, while DisplayPort will offer 4K at 60Hz. ASUS offers up 10-bit color, and 100% sRGB coverage which is better than Dell's IPS-based panels which offer 99% sRGB coverage.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41660_10_the_latest_asus_4k_monitor_offers_ips_panel_priced_at_under_800.png


We have MHL-based HDMI connectivity, with four HDMI ports on the monitor that are capable of displaying four 1080p feeds at once. There's no USB ports on the ASUS PB279Q, but we do have a 3.5mm headphone jack, and 3.5mm audio-in jack. The 4K monitor provides a fully adjustable stand which is capable of tilt, swivel and pivot, as well as being VESA compatible.


ASUS hasn't provided a price just yet, but we should expect it to arrive at around $799 or so.

Soon your car will hear that you're drunk, won't let you drive

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Technology in Vehicles | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 8:29 am

German researchers are working on something called the Alcohol Language Corpus, which is a database that contains drunk speech patterns, which is the first of its kind.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41664_02_soon_your_car_will_hear_that_you_re_drunk_won_t_let_you_drive.jpg


In the United States, some states use the Ignition Interlock Device, but the Alcohol Language Corpus could add to the IID, amplifying its protection against drunk people getting into their cars, and driving them. The ALC technology would prevent a driver from driving their car if they sounded drunk.


Before the ALC can be pushed out for use in the real-world, there needs to be more languages built into its database. As it stands, it is filled with speech tidbits from 162 German-speaking males and females.

Samsung reportedly fires three top execs over the Galaxy S5s 'failure'

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 7:29 am

Culf of Android is reporting that there's a new report out of Samsung's home country of South Korea, that in order to get Samsung back on track after the "failure" that was the Galaxy S5, they had to fire three of the top executives from the company.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41663_27_samsung_reportedly_fires_three_top_execs_over_the_galaxy_s5s_failure.jpg


Lee Don-joo, the boss of the Mobile Business Unit's Strategic Marketing Office, Kim Jae-kwon, who is the Chief of the Global Operations Office, and Lee Chul-hwan, who was the previous boss of the Mobile R&D Office, look like they're all about to be cut from the company. Hong Won-Pyo, who used to be Samsung's Media Solution Center boss will replace the boss of the Global Marketing Strategy Office.


It was previously thought that Samsung's Business President, Shin Jong-kyun, would lose his job, but it looks like he will stay in power for now. Samsung has really tripped over on the Galaxy S5, with projections being missed by quite a large 40-50%.

Ed Sheeran had 860 million plays on Spotify this year alone

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Celebrities & Entertainment | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 6:31 am

Spotify has announced the most popular artists of 2014, with the usual favorites making the list: Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Enimem, Coldplay, Iggy Azalea, and much more.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41661_11_ed_sheeran_had_860_million_plays_on_spotify_this_year_alone.png


Ed Sheeran had over 860 million plays over the year, with his latest album being the most popular record on Spotify with over 430 million streams worldwide in 2014. Pharrell comes in with the most popular song, "Happy", with over 260 million plays. Eminem is the most-streamed artist in the US, while Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" being the most popular single outside of the United States.


We also now know that there are over 50 million Spotify users, with over seven billion hours of songs being streamed through the music subscription service over the entire year.

GTA V fans want to be heard, pledging against other offensive material

By: Chris Smith | More News: Gaming | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 5:57 am

It's been a heavy three days for Grand Theft Auto 5 and Rockstar Games in Australia. Firstly a petition was made by former sex workers claiming that this blockbuster game release "encourages players to commit sexual violence and kill women", once this project had received around 40,000 supporters, Target Australia decided to remove the title from their shelves, seeing Kmart Australia follow suit less than 24 hours later.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41668_049_gta_v_fans_want_to_be_heard_pledging_against_other_offensive_material.jpg


This has sparked major outrage among many 'gamer' social circles, with people citing multiple games that are based around the beheading, maiming and/or murder of males - further claiming that this GTA V fight isn't so much about social justice, as it is about 'radical feminism'.


In order to fight back, one man named Stephen Ogden has opened up his own GoPetition, urging the large Australian retailers to remove other offensive content from their shelves, including some legitimate and also some very 'troll' requests.

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Galaxy S5 handsets in Poland start receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 4:27 am

We knew that the Android 5.0 Lollipop update was going to be rolling out to the Galaxy S5 soon, but it looks like those based in Poland, are enjoying the deliciously-named mobile OS update to their handset.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41659_21_galaxy_s5_handsets_in_poland_start_receiving_android_5_0_lollipop.jpg


SamMobile has been reporting that the new OTA update being version G900FXXU1BNL2 has been getting blasted to SM-G900F models of the Galaxy S5 in Poland. We should see Lollipop reaching other Galaxy S5 handsets throughout Europe in the coming weeks, and hopefully throughout the world in the coming months.

Sony offers new PlayStation 4 update which improves system stability

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 3:35 am

Sony has pushed out another update for its PlayStation 4 console, with the 2.03 patch offering up some "system software stability during use of some features has been improved".


TweakTown image news/4/1/41658_09_sony_offers_new_playstation_4_update_which_improves_system_stability.jpg


It was only three weeks ago that Sony updated the PS4 to version 2.02, with the previous patch offering pretty much the same thing the new patch is offering, system stability. In late October, Sony offered its major 2.00 update, but that update ushered in a smorgasbord of problems. The company quickly released the early November patch which put it on the path it is now.

'Force Awakens' headed for most watched trailer of all time

By: Ben Gourlay | More News: Celebrities & Entertainment | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 3:28 am

It launched under a week ago and unsurprisingly became the talk of the world, as 'Star Wars' fans across the globe synced their watches to be amongst the first to see brand new images from next year's feature.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41665_01_force_awakens_headed_for_most_watched_trailer_of_all_time.jpg


Now, a study by YouTube marketing blog Zefr has reported that the trailer has reached over 60 million views (including shares and re-uploads) and generated over 90 million pieces of related content (including reaction and discussion videos). Now, the trailer is headed to be the most watched trailer of all time. Not bad for roughly 40 seconds of actual footage - move over Kardashian, 'Star Wars' really broke the internet.



'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' opens worldwide on December 18th, 2015.

Lyft co-founder speaks of revenue and says Uber's strategy didn't work

By: Chris Smith | More News: Apps | Posted: Dec 4, 2014 3:02 am

Lyft's co-founder John Zimmer has appeared in an interview with Bloomberg TV today, covering issues based around privacy questions on user data, their main competitor 'Uber' and plans for expansion throughout the new year.


TweakTown image news/4/1/41657_026_lyft_co_founder_claims_uber_strategy_isn_t_good.png


As we see ride-share applications begin to hit the mainstream market, there have been reports on the downturn in the traditional Taxi business alongside some reasoning for people making the change to this new-age format.Ride-share services currently have the general reputation for being more timely and neat, this is coupled with reported issues in the past of Taxi drivers being unsafe and potentially harmful toward their customers - sparking of public outrage here in Australia and throughout other parts of the Western world.


Zimmer defended Lyft's privacy options today, stating that "We (Lyft) do not share, currently share information like this with any third party. So that's definitely something that we can talk about." He went on to mention that Lyft's user-base has skyrocketed, seeing their year-over-year rides rise by 6 times, alongside their year-to-days rides reaching a 5 times increase - which is mirrored by their revenue increase.

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