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AMD's world first Fusion APU Demonstration at Computex

By: Cameron Wilmot | More News: CPUs, Chipsets & SoCs | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 5:27 am

COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Now this is pretty cool people. We just saw that AMD spoke about its Fusion APU chips at its Computex 2010 press conference, during it at the end Rick surprised us a little by giving attending press the world's first public demo of Fusion APU actually up and running.



Not only though was it running, but it was running Aliens vs Predator in DX11 mode with rather impressive visuals. It was interesting that Rick noted that only last fall did AMD showcase this same game at one of its DX11 press conference, but already they have the APU silicon working in what we would consider a seemingly fairly advanced state.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15536_66.png


AMD's first Fusion APU hardware will ship in the first half of 2011 if everything continues to go to plan as it seems it is now from the surface.

AMD shows first Fusion silicon, hardware coming 2011

By: Cameron Wilmot | More News: CPUs, Chipsets & SoCs | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 4:36 am

COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - Today at AMD's press conference in Taipei, Rick Bergman showed the first publically seen AMD Fusion silicon wafer that combines the main CPU and GPU into a single chip solution that AMD is calling the Accelerated Processing Unit or APU for short.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15535_01.png


TweakTown image news/1/5/15535_02.png


Rick announced that we will see hardware based on AMD Fusion technology come out in the first half of next year.


This is a developing story and we will cover more after this press conference.

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Android OS updates reported to slow to one per year

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 4:22 am

TweakTown image news/1/5/15534_001.jpg


In an interview with the Silicon Valley Mercury News, Android founder and Google VP Andy Rubin spoke candidly about the growth of the Android platform and their upcoming plans. With eight releases in the first year and a half of Android's existence, Google's updates have been coming at around twice a year. The plans for the future include only a yearly update, as the Android OS stabilizes and allows their many carriers to catch up with the software.


"Our product cycle is now, basically twice a year, and it will probably end up being once a year when things start settling down, because a platform that's movin--it's hard for developers to keep up," Rubin said. "I want developers to basically leverage the innovation. I don't want developers to have to predict the innovation."


The 2010 released Android phones are expected to come with Android 2.2, or "Froyo," installed but many phones like the Motorola Backflip with the OS installed are still stuck with iterations as far back as 1.6 with updates not coming for months. Google hopes that slowing down the releases of OS updates will allow them to be easier to bring to phones and increase stability all around.

Samsung Wave ships with malware infected MicroSD card

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 3:54 am

TweakTown image news/1/5/15533_001.jpg


Samsung fans in the UK have been waiting for the new Bada powered Samsung Wave S8500 phone to ship, and finally got their wish granted today. This wish seems to be coming with an unexpected extra feature: malware. The program labeled as slmvsrv.exe looks to have accidentally been included on the included 1GB microSD card and will automatically install itself when inserted into any Windows based PC with autorun enabled, which it is by default.


Even the test unit sent to the folks at mobileburn was infected with this, with their handset apparently being made for the German market. Fortunately, most anti-virus programs seem to pick it up before it can do any real damage. The problem has been reported to Samsung, but before you hook up your Wave to your PC, I'd suggest making sure your anti-virus is up to date.

Waterwear case allows you to take iPad anywhere

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 3:17 am

TweakTown image news/1/5/15532_001.jpg


For those of you who need to update your Facebook status while snorkeling or check out YouTube vids in the shower, the Japanese company TuneWear has the accessory to allow your iPad help you do just that. The WaterWear is the latest waterproof iPad case, made of a plastic housing that also does not hinder your use of the iPad's touchscreen display.


The WaterWear even comes with an adjustable strap for transport or hanging up in a wet environment such as a shower. This product is set to cost around $38, which isn't really out of line considering it's an iPad accessory. Check it out soon for the iPad addict in your family!

Android eveolving for tablets, according to NVIDIA

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 2:19 am

COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - While the Android OS is making a big splash on smartphones, it's no secret that tablets are where it's at; just ask just about everyone at Computex. The Google OS developers are said to be on top of this, and NVIDIA chief Jen-Sun Huang gave a few tidbits on this exact point in an interview with reporters.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15531_001.jpg


"It's not lost on [Google] that the tablet is going to be very important and that the Android operating system has to evolve, and be enhanced in certain capabilities, in order to be a good tablet operating system," Huang said. "The good news is that we finally have an operating system to unite behind. Android is an operating system that has gained a tremendous amount of momentum all over the world."


NVIDIA's has its own stake in the tablet market taking off with their new Tegra 2 hardware hoping to be released by the fall. While they hope to trade blows with the big boys at Apple, delays keep pushing the platform back.

Hitachi IPS touchscreens for cellphones in the works

By: Don Lynn | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 1:38 am

TweakTown image news/1/5/15530_001.jpg


With the success of the iPad, lots of platforms are looking to take advantage of some of the technology offered. One of these is the bright and clear IPS display panel. With these panels only available on the iPad and rumored to be coming to the next-gen iPhone, it seems only the most expensive of devices can sport these displays.


Hitachi has different ideas, and is looking to IPS screens to the masses by making the technology viable for less expensive handsets and tablets in the future. The company is tweaking the elements inside the panel, trying to simplify things and make them cheaper to produce without sacrificing quality. A simple rearrangement of how the parts are layered seems to be the key, allowing less pieces needing replacement in case of damage and thereby cutting costs.


No word yet on when or where we may see this new tech, but anything that keeps prices down and brings good quality to our mobile tech is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Vertex 2 Pro Back By Demand from Market

By: Chris Ramseyer | More News: Storage | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 12:53 am

COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 - It looks like those looking for an affordable SandForce SF-1500 enterprise class SSD with low(er) cost MLC memory will have the opportunity to purchase the OCZ Technology Vertex 2 Pro after all.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15529_01.jpg


The Vertex 2 Pro will ship with the famed Super Capacitor, enterprise SandForce SF-1500 controller that is able to achieve an amazing 60K IOPS and MLC flash that will allow the drive to cost much less than the a SandForce SF-1500 / SLC flash drive AKA Vertex 2 EX.


I didn't get pricing information or when these will be hitting the market but we will be trying to get a final version in for testing as soon as possible. Maybe one of these days Seagate will release their Pulsar and the Vertex 2 Pro can go head to head with it.

Hands on videos of Intel Canoe Lake netbooks surface

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Laptops | Posted: Jun 2, 2010 12:46 am

Yesterday we talked a bit about the new gear and future parts that Intel is talking up at Computex. One of the coolest things that Intel showed off was the new Canoe Lake netbooks with scant 14mm thick profiles.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15528_6.jpg


That makes the machines among the thinnest netbooks in the world. Exactly when the netbooks based on Canoe Trail will hit the retail, market is unknown. What we do know is that they are seriously thin.

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Pretec offers world's first USB 3.0 card reader

By: Shane McGlaun | More News: Storage | Posted: Jun 1, 2010 7:12 pm

I am glad to see USB 3.0 ports finally coming to market in more and more notebooks, desktops, and mainboards. The increase in the number of USB ports making it to the market means that we are seeing more and more USB 3.0 gadgets land as well.


TweakTown image news/1/5/15523_5.jpg


Pretec has announced what it claims to be the world's first USB 3.0 memory card reader called the P240. The official name for the device is the P240 USB 3.0 High-Speed Multi-Card Reader. The card reader supports SDHC, SDXC, CF and other memory card formats.

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