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Google apologizes for Nexus 4 delays, blames LG

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 8:31 am

Google's Nexus 4 smartphone is one of the best smartphones on the market, and if you're lucky enough to get one, you treasure it. But, stock has been so up and down lately, and it looks like Google just can't get enough of them into consumers' hands.




Google UK and Ireland Managing Director Dan Cobley took to his Google+ page to explain what has been happening, where he blamed LG on their "scarce and erratic" supplies to Google, admitting that their communication had been flawed. Cobley took it a step further personally offering "an unreserved apology" to Nexus 4 buyers, calling the delays "unacceptable", and he has promised to work "through the nights and weekends" to resolve the issue.

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RumorTT: We could soon see a partnership between Foursquare and Apple

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 6:38 am

If there's one thing that the iPhone is, is that it's a very socially-orientated experience. Android is, too, but you hear more about the iPhone as it's a single handset versus the plethora of Android-based devices out in the wild.




The latest news to start ripples across the web is a potential partnership between social check-in app Foursquare, and Apple. The Wall Street Journal has weighed in citing "people familiar with the matter" are indicating that the two companies are in early discussions about sharing data.


What could the future of Foursquare be with a close partnership with Apple? Well, we could see some huge data help from each other, and a much more precise iOS experience. That is, if Apple gets its Maps act together.

LeakedTT: Shots of BlackBerry 10's new UI

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Operating Systems | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 5:35 am

With BlackBerry 10 being RIM's last ditch effort to compete with the too-powerful Apple and Google, leaked screenshots are now here to try and help would be customers to get excited.




The leaked shots show off the BlackBerry 10 L-Series, which has been revealed by some people on the Tinhte Vietnamese forums. The new pictures show off the updated UI from RIM, and show off the new "BlackBerry Hub" which is an all-in-one message center that sports a voice interface.


You'll see that the pull-down menu looks suspiciously close to Android 4.1/4.2 Jelly Bean, and the home screen just looks like a poor mans version of iOS and Android. Personally I'm not enjoying what I'm seeing and I already see RIM as a sinking ship - do you think this will turn them around? Do the leaked shots excite you at all?

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Google Maps for iOS smashes through 10 million downloads in just 48 hours

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Apps | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 4:39 am

Apple users were patiently waiting for the true maps application to come out, after Apple tripped over themselves releasing the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 with its lackluster navigation app.




Well, Google released Google Maps for iOS last week and it has since passed 10 million downloads. The news comes from Google's Senior Vice President of Commerce and Local, Jeff Huber.


It goes to show the power of Google Maps, and just how popular they are. Apple are going to have a very rough road ahead of them for bringing users back to their Maps app, even if it went through huge changes.

Dell executive reportedly suggested not calling the Microsoft tablet OS Windows RT

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Operating Systems | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 1:57 am

Most of our readers will know the difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT, though your average consumer may not. This was exactly what a top Dell official was worried about when he suggested to Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, not to call the new tablet version of Windows "Windows RT."




His argument went as follows: The Windows brand signifies that the operating system can run Windows applications, something Windows RT is not capable of doing. Thus it follows that the operating system should not be called Windows RT, but something else. Ballmer replied that the Windows brand was too important not to use.


Neil Hand, VP of Dell's tablet business, believes that education would still be needed: "Making sure we educate the market place on the differences was going to be a necessary action no matter what. Just calling it something different is not going to solve the problem."

New Captcha could spell end to distorted words, say hello to distorted images

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 1:34 am

Everyone knows, and just about universally hates, those crazy word Captchas that require you to enter the text seen in a distorted image. Sometimes the text is easy to read and you get it first try, other times it takes several frustrating attempts to finally solve what the text says and to prove you're a human.




Minteye has developed a new form of the Captcha that could very well catch on and become the new frustrating method of proving you are a human. Their new Captcha features a distorted or scrambled image that you have to fix by moving a slider at the bottom. If you move the slider to the correct place, congrats, you're a human!


The issue is whether or not this is easier for a spambot to solve. One of the original inventors of the Captcha thinks the new process might not work as well: he says software written to detect straight lines "would probably have a pretty good chance at defeating this." Then again, there is no perfectly secure Captcha.


Is this something you would prefer to the current Captchas?

Morgan Stanley fined $5 million by Massachusetts for Facebook IPO

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 1:02 am

It looks like Massachusetts is the first to take action over Facebook's seemingly botched initial public offering. The state has fined Morgan Stanley $5 million over the IPO of Facebook, reportedly for violating securities laws that govern how investment research can be distributed.




One of Morgan Stanley's top bankers reportedly improperly coached Facebook on methods to disclose financial information selectively. This, according to William Galvin, continues the trend of creating "an unlevel playing field" between Wall Street and Main Street.


A $5 million fine really is quite tiny in the overall scheme of things. Morgan Stanley will hardly notice the fine, and it's a tiny amount compared to the valuation and money brought in by Facebook's IPO.


"The conduct at Morgan Stanley was more egregious," he said, in reference to a similar charge against Citigroup in late October. "With it we will get their attention and begin to take steps in restoring some confidence for retail investors to invest."


This is just the first of many likely cases against Facebook and the underwriting banks.

Apple's iCloud services experience service disruption

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Cloud Computing | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 12:31 am

Apple's iCloud services experienced a service disruption today starting at about 2:30PST. Apple updated its service status page, which provides more granular data now than it used to, with the details. Apple says that some users were affected across nearly all of iCloud's services, though iMessage seems to have stayed functional.




The outage lasted until 3:49PST, and Apple has yet to update it with any more information, such as the number or percentage of users affected by the outage. If you experienced the outage, let us know! This outage continues to prove that Apple needs to work on its internet offerings, as it is quickly getting left behind in terms of up-time.

SpaceTT: North Korean satellite most likely dead and tumbling through space, according to astronomers

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Science, Space & Robotics | Posted: Dec 18, 2012 12:02 am

I'm sure most of you heard about that satellite that was launched into space by North Korea. Most of the developed world is upset at the country for this missile launch as many believe it was actually a test of a ballistic missile and not just to put a satellite in space. However, it looks like that satellite may now be broken.




"It's tumbling and we haven't picked up any transmissions," said Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astronomer who tracks global rocket launchings and space activity. "Those two things are most consistent with the satellite being entirely inactive at this point."


The reason for failure isn't immediately clear, though it appears as though the onboard systems have failed. "It's clear that the rocket part of this mission worked very well for the North Koreans," Dr. McDowell said in an interview. "They ended up in the right orbit. But the preponderance of the evidence suggests that the satellite failed either during the ascent or shortly afterwards."


The satellite should not fall to Earth or cause any massive havoc, according to scientists. The satellite was said to be carrying a camera to observe Earth, which requires the satellite to be rock-steady, something it clearly isn't.

RumorTT: HTC working on new flagship device, HTC M7 to replace the One X

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Dec 17, 2012 11:23 pm

HTC is working on gaining marketshare back after losing most of it to Apple and Samsung. Rumor says that the new Android handset will be released at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, and while it won't come with quite the upgrade the One X did, it will be one of the first 4.7-inch devices with a full HD screen.




The M7, as it is codenamed, will feature a pixel density of 468PPI, which is 40 percent higher than the iPhone 5. It is said to feature a second-gen quad-core Qualcomm processor, clocked at 1.7GHz. 2GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage complement the full HD screen and powerful processor.


The M7 is reported to be coming with a 13MP camera and f/2.0 lens. There are lots of other improvements rumored in the device, and should arrive at Verizon and Sprint.

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