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No 3D Blu-ray playback for the Xbox One at launch

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: Nov 10, 2013 5:38 am

It looks like the Xbox One will not be supporting 3D Blu-ray movies at launch, even after the kerfuffle Microsoft went through to get Blu-ray support onto its next-gen console. The news is coming directly from Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, who has vaguely confirmed both 3D and 4K output for the Xbox One.




But, during his most recent interview with CNET, Major Nelson said that the Xbox One will not be capable of playing back 3D Blu-ray movies. He did note that 3D Blu-ray playback hasn't been ruled out, and that it could arrive in a future update to the Xbox One. I have no idea why Microsoft would do this, it feels like both next-gen consoles are pretty gimped from launch, you would think they'd both have features spilling out of them, but it seems like the physical hardware launches are now like games these days - in beta form for months after release.

Motorola's Moto Maker for the Moto X to arrive on all carriers soon

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Nov 9, 2013 10:16 am

When Motorola released its flagship, Moto X smartphone, one of the most talked about features was the ability to order a fully customized version of the device. Unfortunately, that feature has been limited to AT&T since the phone's release and for the most part, only AT&T customers have been able to get their hands on a customized Moto X.




It appears that Motorola is about to change that if a leak by @evleaks is true. This morning a Twitter post by the infamous mobile device leakster was posted that suggest that Motorola will release Moto Maker to Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile by the beginning of next week. This opens up some pretty cool customization options for the handset on all of the major US carriers at a unprecedentedly low price of $149 for the top end model.

Microsoft unveils full list of day-one apps for Xbox One by country

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: Nov 9, 2013 9:53 am

Microsoft's Xbox One is just two weeks away from launch and today we are learning more about what entertainment apps will be available for the device on day one. Today Microsoft released a list of all of the entertainment apps that will be available for download to the Xbox One as soon as you open it up and run the day one update patch.




The US will see most of the largest hitters such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Redbox Instant, TED, The NFL, Twitch, and Crackle, and many more. The UK will see Crackle, Eurosport, Netflix, Twitch, TED, NOW TV, and more, while Australia gets much of the same including SBS On Demand. No information was provided for the Asian markets, but we can assume that some of the same major players will be there as well, and regional powerhouses should be arriving soon too.

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AMD releases driver update that fixes fan speed issues on Hawaii GPUs

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Nov 9, 2013 9:37 am

Ever since AMD released its new Hawaii-based R9 290X and R9 290 graphics cards, users and reviewers have been reporting slower than advertised performance. This is mainly due to the way the new cards handle performance scaling. Normally a GPU will boost the clock speed to a guarantee a minimum level of performance, but the new R9 cards actually scale back the clock based on CPU temperature.




The fluctuating performance numbers is partially caused by variability in fan speeds when the card starts heating up. The reference speed is 2650 RPM for the R9 290 and 2200 RPM for the 290X in quiet mode. These speed's are enough to provide adequate cooling for the CPUs, but R9 290 and R9 290X cards from AMD's partners are varying in how fast their fans spin. Since all R9 290 and R9 290x cards on the market are reference design, this is a bit odd, but AMD has taken care of the issue in a new driver update.


A recent update to AMD's Catalyst Control Center has apparently fixed the fan speed issue and performance numbers are said to be back up to promised levels. The latest AMD CCC update can be downloaded right here at TweakTown by heading over to the downloads section. We want to know if your Radeon R9 290 or 290X have experienced slower than advertised performance, and if the driver update fixed this issue for you. Leave a comment below to let us know.

Nokia's Lumia 1520 will arrive at AT&T on November 22nd for $199

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Nov 9, 2013 9:25 am

Phablets are all the rage today, and for users who crave that ultra-large screen but have been limited to their standard-sized Lumia device, life is about to get better. Customers on AT&T can purchase Nokia's Lumia 1520 phablet beginning on November 22nd for just $200 on-contract, with pre-orders beginning today.




For that $200 you get a 6-inch device running Windows Phone 8, a 2.2 GHZ, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor, and a 20-megapixel PureView camera. Users who purchase the device through the Windows Store will receive an additional $70 app credit, a copy of Halo Spartan Assault, and a free flip cover. Purchasing through AT&T will land you a $20 credit and 50GB of free cloud storage, with Halo Spartan Assault tossed in as well. For those looking to pick up a larger Windows Phone device, this may not be a bad deal!

HP's Omni 10 tab arrives with full Windows 8.1 for just $400

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Nov 9, 2013 9:20 am

HP has just released what is widely considered the most budget friendly, fully featured Windows tablets on the market today. The all new HP Omni 10 runs the full version (not RT) of Microsoft's Windows 8.1, and does not cut corners when it comes to hardware. Infact, the Omni 10 features better hardware than its competitors costing much more.




The Omni 10 features a 10.1-inch Gorilla Glass 3 display that features a full 1920x1200 resolution with a pixel density of 224 pixels per inch. An Intel Atom Z3770 powers the Omni 10 with 2GB of RAM onboard to keep things running nice and smooth. Storage is a little small at just 32GB, but that is easily augmented by a microSD slot on the side of the device. Additionally the Omni 10 features up to 8.5 hours of battery life, for an all day productivity on-the-go experience. HP said that the Omni 10 is available now and will retail at an MSRP of $399.

Twitter shares down 4-percent on day 2, OCZ back up to $0.85

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Nov 9, 2013 2:13 am

After a first day of trading that can only be called a smashing success, Twitters stock price has saw a slight dip in trading on Friday. Yesterday the stock opened at $45.10 per share with an initial transaction for more than 11 million shares, but the market has been less kind to Twitter today with the stock hovering around $42 per share all day.




While a five percent drop in price on the second day of trading may seem like a big deal, this was actually expected by many market analyst, and is not an uncommon event for newly listed companies. The real tell tell signs will come next Thursday and if the stock has managed to stay in the $40-45 or higher range.


While we are on the subject of the financial markets, you might remember that earlier this week, OCZ, saw its stock take a nosedive towards the bottom. With the release of a new SSD that has been met with good reviews, it appears that some investors have renewed confidence in the SSD manufacturer. Today the stock is up around $0.85 per share which represents a rebound of over 90-percent since Tuesday.

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Microsoft's new video takes us on a 12-minute walkthrough of Xbox One

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: Nov 8, 2013 7:39 pm

With the Microsoft launching the Xbox One on November 22nd, the company is beginning its big marketing push in hopes of generating record day one sales. With recent revelations about game resolutions, and patches that need to be installed before customers can begin playing games, the company is working on highlighting the console as more than just a gaming box.



Today Microsoft released a 12-minute walkthrough video of the Xbox One, and includes a full featured look at the consoles new dashboard. The video also goes in-depth with the Xbox One's multitasking, app-switching, voice commands, kinect features, and automatic sign-in. Todays video is the most thorough tour we have had of the Xbox Once since its unveiling event earlier this year. We want to know what console you will be buying this year, will you buy the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or will you hold out for a Steam Machine? Are all 3 going to wind up in your living room? Let us know in the comments.

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Xbox One will require a day one patch before it will play any games

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: Nov 8, 2013 6:10 pm

If Microsoft does not already have enough bad PR about its upcoming next-gen console, today even more bad news has arrived for the Xbox One. Today the company revealed that users will be required to download and install a patch on day one before they are even allowed to play any games on the device.




"Functionally, you will be able to do very little without taking the day one update," says Microsoft's senior director of Xbox product management Albert Penello. "You're gonna need to take this update. It's not gonna be really an optional thing," he went on to say. "An initial, one-time system update is required for your Xbox One to function," confirmed another Microsoft spokesperson.


The patch is said to take only 15-20 minutes to download on a moderate broadband internet connection, and will update the consoles dashboard system. Microsoft is not alone in a required day one update though as Sony's PlayStation 4 will require a similar patch to play Blu-ray disc or DVDs. Games are still expected to work on the PlayStation 4 however.

Apple iPad Air burst into flames in Vodafone store in Australia

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Nov 8, 2013 4:32 pm

Mobile devices that utilize Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer batteries are always at risk of catching fire or even exploding if they are overcharged, or if their battery pack gets damaged. Usually the culprit is the result of using a cheap charger that was not approved by the manufacturer.




Unfortunately for Apple, neither were the case in a recent incident involving the company's new iPad Air. The tablet in question was sitting idle on a display stand at a Vodafone store in Australia when it suddenly exploded and burst into flames. No one was injured in the incident, but firefighters had to be called to extinguish the flames and extract the smoke from the store. In true form Apple is staying silent on the matter and had sent a team to collect the iPad Air for analysis.


While this very well may be a one-off incident, I would not leave an iPad Air laying on something like a couch, bed or pillow until Apple releases a statement on the matter. After personally witnessing an iPhone 4 catch fire while on an official apple vehicle charger, I know how quickly the devices can go from functioning fine, to going up in smoke.