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Facebook looks to take on LinkedIn with new "Professional Skills" tab

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Social Networking | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 9:32 pm

It appears that Facebook is going to jump into the professional social networking ring and go head-to-head with LinkedIn. A new report is showing off a new section that Facebook is said to be testing called the "Professional Skills" tab. Much like LinkedIn, it would allow users to list out their professional skill sets.




Unlike LinkedIn, however, when clicking on a person's professional skill, it will not take you to a page showing who endorsed you for that skill, but rather to other professionals who claim to possess the same skill. Additionally, the new professional skills tab will only allow you to add skills that have existing Facebook pages. This can be confusing as a quick search shows that skills such as "marketing" have several different pages created by the community.


Facebook has not announced a launch date for this feature, nor has any information on a beta program been released, but we expect some kind of announcement soon. With Facebook adding job-search features and other professional-style searches, users may want to rethink the content they post on the service or at least adjust their privacy settings to only display content they wish the public to see.

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CyberPower launches new ZeusBook Ultimate Series notebooks

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Laptops | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 8:35 pm

Today, CyberPower PC announced the debut of the ZeusBook Ultimate Series, a new laptop that is said to be the world's slimmest 17-inch gaming notebook. CyberPower says that the ZeusBook Ultimate measures in at under an inch thick and weighs less than six pounds total, which makes it not only slimmer, but also much lighter than similarly powered gaming notebooks on the market.




Offered in two different models, the ZeusBook Ultimate series features the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M graphics card and Intel's i7-4700HQ Haswell CPU clocked at 2.4GHz. 8GB of RAM is present alongside a 17.3-inch 1920x1080 LED display. CyberPower has really stepped up the network connectivity by installing an E200 KILLER NIC and a Wireless N 1202 Wi-Fi adapter, which will ensure fast and reliable connectivity during gaming and general use.




The ZeusBook Ultimate comes with Windows 8 64-bit pre-installed and has the ability to connect with three external monitors for a truly immersive HD gaming experience. The laptop is capable of supporting Super HD resolutions up to 3840x2160, which is four-times the resolution of a standard Full HD display. CyberPower has also managed to pack in some very impressive audio hardware into the ZeusBook Ultimate with the inclusion of HD Surround Sound speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

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WD expands enterprise flash storage portfolio by acquiring Virident

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Storage | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 7:46 pm

Today, Western Digital announced that it has acquired Virident Systems, a key player in the enterprise flash storage industry. The announcement says that the two companies have entered into a definitive merger agreement where Virident will be acquired by HSGT, a subsidiary owned by Western Digital.




"We have established a competitive position in the enterprise SSD space and with our recently announced acquisitions we are increasing our commitment to become an even more significant player in this high growth segment," said Steve Milligan, president and chief executive officer, Western Digital. "Virident has a proven leadership team and a culture of innovation. Its combination of great people, leading products and advanced technology will enhance our increasingly strategic position in enterprise storage."


Western Digital has reportedly paid approximately $685 million in cash for Virident, of which $645 million represents the enterprise value of Virident. Western Digital says that Virident CEO Mike Gustafson will join HGST as a senior vice president and will head up the Virident team under HSGT President Mike Cordano.

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OCZ shows NVMe SSD at 2013 HPC for Wall Street

By: Tyler Bernath | More News: Storage | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 7:40 pm

Today at the world's largest High Performance Computing (HPC) event located at the world renowned Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, OCZ will unveil the Aeon Series 3.5-inch SSD. The Aeon series SSD is based on the Non-Volatile Memory (NVMe) specification and is targeted to meet stringent requirements of latency sensitive applications currently hindered by legacy HDD infrastructure. OCZ, with the Aeon Series, puts an emphasis on superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increasing performance for financial industry datacenters.




Unveiling the latest Aeon Series at the HPC for Wall Street show provides IT professional's valuable insight into leveraging new technologies to maximize their company's productivity and streamline their storage footprint.


Designed for demanding transactional environments such as high-frequency trading, Aeon delivers the speed and low latency read and writes of DRAM with the persistence and scalability of storage. It reduces file system overhead in enterprise appliances while accelerating applications and improving overall I/O efficiency, along with providing unlimited endurance supporting an infinite number of drive writes per day without wearing out or slowing down.

LeakedTT: NVIDIA's Tegra TAB gets detailed as it stops by the FCC

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 6:24 pm

We've been hearing a lot of rumors and seeing a lot of leaks about NVIDIA's upcoming Tegra TAB Android-based tablet, but this morning it appears that we're finally getting some solid info on the upcoming device. During a recent visit to the FCC, some interesting information popped up.




It appears that the Tegra TAB name has been confirmed and that the device will in fact feature a Tegra 4 processor. The exact model of the processor is still unknown, but we do know that the Tegra TAB will feature a 7-inch, 1280x800-pixel IPS display. A front "HD" camera of unknown pixel density will be featured alongside a five-megapixel rear-shooter.


Battery capacity is said to be as large as 4,100mAh. The manual included in the filing reveals what appears to be a stock-looking version of Android Jelly Bean. One of the most interesting new features to pop up, however, is the inclusion of a stylus that appears to function much like Samsung's S-Pen. There are still no details of pricing or availability, and we're still not sure if NVIDIA will retail the device themselves or if they will license the design to OEMs such as ASUS, ACER, or Toshiba. Head over to the FCC source below for all of the manuals, images, and other information that is available in the recent filing.

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SteelSeries releases two new gaming headsets, the new 5Hv3 and 3Hv2

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Peripherals | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 5:30 pm

Earlier this morning, SteelSeries released two new devices to its massively popular H-series of gaming headsets. The 5Hv3 and 3Hv2 are designed to deliver tournament-grade audio while remaining affordable to everyone in the gaming community.




The SteelSeries 5Hv2 was undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming headsets in the professional gaming arena, and the newly released 5Hv3 update makes everyone's favorite headset even better. SteelSeries says that the new 5Hv3 features the latest high-end audio drivers from SteelSeries and a custom-engineered soundscape to bring you the highest level of audio quality possible. The new headset features a large microphone that retracts into the headset for convenient storage when not in use. Additionally, new ear cups have been designed with comfort in mind.


Up next is the SteelSeries 3Hv2, a budget-friendly headset that has been created for gamers who are looking to experience what SteelSeries has to offer without breaking the bank. The new headset features a compact, affordable design, which makes it the ideal solution for travel, and includes a unique adapter that allows the headset to function with PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones. The 3Hv2 features next-generation audio drivers, extra padded leather ear cups, and a retractable microphone. The 5Hv3 and 3Hv2 are available for purchase now at electronics retailers everywhere and retail for $79.99 and $39.99, respectively.

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Futuremark releases new 3DMark for iOS benchmarking app for free

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Apps | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 4:36 pm

Today, Futuremark announced the release of its 3DMark benchmarking application for iOS. The new app comes a few months after the release of 3DMark for Android and allows both mobile operating systems to run "unlimited" benchmark tests on any Android or iOS device and compare devices across operating systems.




Futuremark says that the new iOS addition of 3DMark includes everything you would need to accurately benchmark the performance of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Users can directly compare 3DMark scores to other devices running iOS, Android, Windows, and even Windows RT, once the RT version is released, of course. The company says that testers will now be ready to benchmark and compare any new devices that Apple may release tomorrow during its press conference.


Futuremark has added a new test to 3DMark specifically designed for making chip-to-chip comparisons across mobile devices and operating systems dubbed 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited. This new test can be added to the Android edition of the app by updating to the latest version. Additionally, Futuremark has built a mobile hardware database of all of these scores from the most popular smartphones and tablets that have been benchmarked using the 3DMark application. Check out the sources listed below for both download links as well as a link to the 3DMark mobile hardware database.

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Amazon's Kindle for iOS app gets mandatory update ahead of iOS 7

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Apps | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 3:02 pm

This morning, Amazon announced that it has released a "mandatory" update to its Kindle app on iOS. Kindle users on iOS received the notification informing them that failure to update the app to the latest version could cause the loss of books and account registration when upgrading to Apple's new iOS 7 mobile operating system.




It is widely expected that iOS 7 will be released tomorrow during Apple's launch event, at which it will also debut the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, of which both devices are said to be running iOS7 out of the box. There is no explanation as to why books may be lost without the update, but since it's free and only takes a few minutes, upgrading to the new version should not be an issue for any user.


The warning notification users received is below:


This is a fix for a Kindle issue with the upcoming iOS7 OS upgrade that may cause customers to have to re-register and re-download books from Amazon. Please download and install - this is a required update before upgrading to iOS7.

USB-IF to develop Media Agnostic USB Specification

By: Tyler Bernath | More News: Connectivity & Communications | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 2:42 pm

Today, the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) announced that development has started on the new Media Agnostic USB Specification. This new spec will allow wireless storage solutions to communicate over the USB protocol without the need for a physical connection. More importantly, the goal of the specification is to allow wireless gigabit transfer rates leveraging existing USB infrastructure.




The WiGig Serial Extension v1.2 specification will provide the initial foundation for this new spec. This WSE specification will be formally transferred to the USB-IF from the Wi-Fi Alliance.


"We are pleased to see the USB-IF use the WiGig Serial Extension in its development of the Media Agnostic USB specification," said Edgar Figueroa, president and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance. "Advanced wireless usages of serial bus technology have the potential to deliver great benefit to users."


Additionally, wireless devices implementing the MA USB specification will retain compliance with the SuperSpeed (USB 3.0) and Hi-Speed (USB 2.0) protocols.

Synology releases DiskStation Manager 4.3

By: Tyler Bernath | More News: Storage | Posted: Sep 9, 2013 2:24 pm

On the heels of the latest successful public beta, Synology has launched DiskStation Manager 4.3 to an official release. Many new features come with this latest release along with a few upgrades. Some of these include Cloud Station, which is 30 percent faster with Synology adding in delta-updates, and improved mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.




Another feature that caught our attention was the addition of TRIM support for modern Synology DiskStation and RackStation x10 series. Select models also gain the ability to use an SSD as a cache drive for higher read performance. For those of you that want the option to use the latest from Synology, a live demo is made available to the public (see first source below).