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Your iPhone tracks your every move, without you even knowing it

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Apr 21, 2011 3:45 am

iPhone owner? Enjoy someone knowing your every move? When you go to work, when you get home, where you go for holidays, everything is recorded and saved onto that previous fruit-logo covered phone of yours. iPhones have been keeping a recording of everywhere you've been since June of 2010. The data is stored on your iPhone (or 3G-powered iPad) and computer, which is then accessible to anyone who gets their hands on it.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19452_13_your_iphone_tracks_your_every_move_without_you_even_knowing_it.jpg


Google's Android-powered smartphones do the same thing but it's an opt-in choice. When starting up a fresh Android device, you're prompted to agree to the following "Allow Google's location service to collect anonymous data. Collection will occur even when no applications are running."

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Apple's iPhone makes up 50-percent of Apple's revenue

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices | Posted: Apr 21, 2011 2:28 am

From December 26, 2010 til March 26, 2011 Apple racked in a total of 24.6 billion dollars, how much of this revenue would be from the iPhone? Most people would guess between 10 and 30-percent, but no, 50-percent. Half of Apple's quarterly revenue is from iPhone and iPhone-related products.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19451_12_apple_s_iphone_makes_up_50_percent_of_apple_s_revenue.jpg


Apple sold 18.65 million iPhones last quarter, using this amount of phones, we can work out that this is roughly 12.3 billion in revenue - roughly 50-percent for the iPhone division of Apple alone. But, this is not just on iPhone hardware, it is also "Related Products and Services". What does the related products and services include? Apple's report shows: "carrier agreements, services, and Apple-branded and third-party iPhone accessories."


But, this does not include any revenue from Apple's App Store (that is considered iTunes revenue), nor does it include iPod touches or iPads.

The royal wedding to be shown live on YouTube

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Online Video | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 2:00 pm

Oh how magical! For those interested in seeing Price William and Catherine Middleton get married (which has the world "buzzing with excitement") then look no further than the great YouTube for your live wedding fix. Today Google are proud to announce that the Royal Household has announced that footage of the entire ceremony will be live-streamed on their official YouTube channel:


TweakTown image news/1/9/19439_10_the_royal_wedding_to_be_shown_live_on_youtube.jpg


The live stream will begin at 10:00a BST (9:00a GMT, 2:00a PT, 5:00a ET) on Friday, April 29, and will follow the wedding procession, marriage ceremony at Westminster Abbey and balcony kiss (aw!). The Royal Channel will also feature live blog commentary of the event which will give timely updates and insights as the day unfolds.

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Samsung fights back! Claims Apple is violating their wireless technology patents

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 12:00 pm

Samsung have fired back at Apple after Apple slapped them with a lawsuit saying that Samsung have copied their iPhone and iPad designs with the Galaxy phone and Galaxy Tab range. Samsung provide Apple with semiconductor chips and display panels for Apple's mobile products and have not (to this point in time) sued Apple for infringement but obviously Apple have pushed Samsung over the edge and now they're fighting back saying:


TweakTown image news/1/9/19431_7_samsung_fights_back_claims_apple_is_violating_their_wireless_technology_patents.jpg


"We have no choice but to respond strongly this time".

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Spotted: Gigabyte Z68 board in Taiwan

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Motherboards | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 11:00 am

Intel's Z68-based boards are popping up in Taiwan in the form of a Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3 - box shots and all below! The box shot shows us that the board includes Touch BIOS and Hybrid EFI technology. Gigabyte is one of the last motherboard companies to catch up on the EFI front.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19432_8_spotted_gigabyte_z68_board_in_taiwan.jpg


The board is being sold for 11, 900 New Taiwan dollars which translates to around $409 for the US folks. Intel's Z68 chipset is expected to allow discrete GPUs to work with QuickSync - obviously from their high-end boards, you'd expect just as much.

G.Skill up the ante with 2300MHz DDR RipJaws-X

By: Shawn Baker | More News: RAM | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 7:55 am

G.Skill has today announced that we'll be seeing a PC3-18400 RipJaws-X kit that carries a whopping default clock speed of 2300MHz DDR. This is achieved with a 9-11-9-28-2T @ 1.65v setup. Below, though, we can see in the screen shot G.Skill have actually managed to achieve 2303MHz DDR at 9-11-9-28-1T using the same voltage.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19445_01_g_skill_up_the_ante_with_2300mhz_ddr_ripjaws_x.png


What makes the kit really stand out is the fact that it's an 8GB one versus 4GB, which is what we tend to see from these really high-end kits. Coming as no surprise the kit will be a limited edition and that's no doubt due to the fact it's such a high speed. Unlike the 2133MHz DDR kit, overclocking will be slightly more involved due to 2300MHz DDR not being a natively supported speed on the Intel P67 platform.


To achieve the default clock G.Skill tell us you'll need an ASUS Maximum IV Extreme or P8P67 Deluxe along with a CPU that's capable of achieving a 107.9 BCLK. While the first requirement won't be an issue for high-end users, a high BCLK achieving CPU comes down to luck of the draw.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19445_02_g_skill_up_the_ante_with_2300mhz_ddr_ripjaws_x.jpg


Currently there's no pricing slated for the kit and the current ETA is "Coming Soon" but we should see the RipJaws-X PC3-18400 kit in the coming weeks with the G.Skill Turbulence II that you can see above...

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Portal 2 is an undeniable hit, scores near perfect with all reviews

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 7:04 am

Valve's Portal 2 is a smash hit, scoring virtually 100-percent in all reviews. There's not much to say about the game unless you haven't heard of it - if you're one of these people, there are some steps you require right now. Stop what you're doing, open Steam (and if you don't have it, GET IT), find Portal 2, purchase. This is all you need to do to enjoy happiness.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19444_11_portal_2_is_an_undeniable_hit_scores_near_perfect_with_all_reviews.jpg


As for reviews, I've provided a bunch of links below:

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Google updates Google Tasker, version 7 is cleaner, fresher, faster

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Software | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 6:28 am

Google have today released the latest version of Google Taskbar for Internet Explorer. It includes a fresh, clean look that "personalizes Toolbar with the tools you use most". Another addition is Toolbar instant, if you've used Instant on or in Google Chrome - you'll find yourself loving Toolbar Instant. Just start typing in the search box and search predictions and results will appear instantly as you type, getting the results you want, faster.



If you want to access the Toolbar quicker, press Alt+G. To enable Toolbar Instant, visit Toolbar Options and click "Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing." Toolbar Instant works on both IE8 and IE9, if you're using an older browser you can either upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer or try Google Chrome.

Capcom Makes A Beeline For Android...?

By: Trak Lord | More News: Gaming | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 6:05 am

TweakTown image news/1/9/19442_005_capcom_makes_a_beeline_for_android.png


Capcom announced today that they're rebranding Capcom Mobile as Beeline, which they evidently intend to be more of a social and/or causal gaming platform. Capcom mentioned that everyone's favorite, classic, extremely well-known Capcom games will continue to be released under the auspices of the Capcom brand, but something tells me that this announcement has more to do with non-Apple mobile platforms than Capcom is letting on. "Beeline"? Can anybody else think of any other apian-themed mobile platforms? Or I don't know- operating systems?


These days, everyone is trying to capitalize on social gaming in the wake of giants like Zynga, and I doubt Capcom is exempt from that temptation. I still see the rebranding as a harbinger of a future arrangement- but hey, who knows? It could all be a strange comical coincidence.


What do you think?

GPS Augmented Reality Startup GoldRun Raises $1.1 Million

By: Trak Lord | More News: Augmented Reality | Posted: Apr 20, 2011 5:53 am

TweakTown image news/1/9/19441_004_gps_augmented_reality_startup_goldrun_raises_1_1_million.png


Earlier this week, NYC-based GPS interactive augmented reality game startup GoldRun raised $1.1 Million this week in angel funding. GoldRun was fortunate enough (literally) to have participants like Ed Mathias of The Carlyle Group, financier Jon Ledecky, Founding Partner of United Talent Agency Jeremy Zimmer, Former Chairman and CEO of Sunglass Hut Jim Hauslein, and CEO of Venturehouse Group Mark Ein (Mathias and Zimmer will join the board of directors). GoldRun is looking to use the funding to develop new features for both users and clients to offer more AR interactions within their application. They will also invest in supporting sales and deployment activities in both the US and other, international markets. Even more exciting, we'll see GoldRun hosted gaming sometime in the near future.


For those of you unfamiliar with the application, GoldRun uses geo-data to run augmented reality experiences on the iPhone , and they recently launched a campaign with a sentimentally confused billboard near the Holland Tunnel in New York City, which we reported earlier this week. Founder and CEO Vivian Rosenthal commented:


GoldRun allows for a new form of...

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