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Intel shows off hybrid Ultrabook with sliding design at IDF Beijing

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Laptops | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 7:28 pm

Intel just finished IDF Beijing and presented some pretty innovative designs at the event. Intel has never been one to shy away from at least trying some innovative designs. At this IDF, Intel presented a new hybrid Ultrabook dubbed the Letexo. Not quite sure what a hybrid Ultrabook is? Well, it is a convertible notebook design.




The Letexo can be a regular Ultrabook with a touchscreen or you can pull the screen forward into a touch-enabled all-in-one PC. The part that I think will have serious consumer appeal is that the Letexo can convert into a tablet with the screen going flush into the chassis. The only for sure part of this is that it is based on Ivy Bridge. There is no note of whether anyone has jumped on board with the design.

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Facebook to reveal more of the information stored about you

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 6:32 pm

Facebook probably knows more about you than you do. They collect and track pretty much everything you do on the site, so it's not that much of a stretch to assume they have more data than they tell you. If Target can predict when a girl is pregnant based upon what she buys, then imagine what Facebook can do with all of your 'Likes' and posts.




Facebook's Download Your Information feature is getting expanded after an audit last year by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner concluded that the company still wasn't doing enough. The feature was first introduced in 2010 and provides a limited archive of the data that Facebook has collected.


The expanded feature should provide more information such as previous names you've used, friend requests, and IP addresses from which you've logged in. The feature is relaunching today and will see a gradual roll out to all users so you may not be able to access it quite yet. Facebook is promising to add more categories of data down the road. The feature is accessed the same way as before.

Tumblr is against display ads, CEO says it's 'complete last resort'

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 5:30 pm

It's pretty hard to find a site on the internet these days without some sort of advertising. The larger the site, the more it costs to run and the more income the site needs to have. Tumblr receives and incredible 4.5 billion impressions each week which makes it one of the internet's biggest destinations.




Incredibly, Tumblr has zero ads on it and they plan to keep it that way. Hosting servers for 4.5 billion impressions a week isn't cheap, so the company is trying to find a way to make money and become self-sufficient. Right now they are simply running on investment dollars, something that can't go on forever.


CEO David Carp has said in an interview that the site does not want ads. He says that Tumblr is "selling our desks to avoid that, it's a complete last resort." That's some dedication to keeping the site ad free, but can it really work? Karp and Tumblr are hiring a professional revenue executive to help monetize the site.


They have started selling highlighted posts for $1, which is basically a form of advertising, but not in the traditional sense. I really hope Tumblr can come up with an ad-free model that can then be copied by other sites across the web. I'm sick of being the 1 millionth visitor to every site I visit.

US Government objects to Megaupload hiring top law firm

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 4:32 pm

In an interesting turn of events, the US Government has filed papers objecting to Megaupload's legal firm choice. Last week, it became known that Megaupload had retained the services of Andrew Schapiro. Schapiro is the same lawyer who led YouTube to a summary judgment in its copyright trial against Viacom.




According to TorrentFreak: "In a new court filing the US government complains that Schapiro's past record in copyright cases, and that of Quinn Emanuel as a whole, present a series of conflicts of interest." Mainly, the government is concerned about a possible conflict with YouTube. Their legal battles against Viacom are back on, and they are also listed as a victim and possible witness against Megaupload.


The government says that Schapiro can't have an interest in both cases. Additionally, Schaprio or the law firm he works for has represented many of the companies that could possibly be called as witnesses against Megaupload. These companies include Google, Disney, Fox, Time Warner, Warner Bros., HBO, and various software companies.


"It is unclear how Quinn Emanuel intends to zealously represent defendants Megaupload Limited and Kim Dotcom while also protecting confidential attorney-client information gained in the course of representing other clients [...] particularly where those clients' interests are directly opposed to those of the defendants," the government writes.

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3 Change UK Unlocking Policy, now charging fee and making you wait

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 3:32 pm

If you want to take your subsidized phone off of the carrier it was made for, you need to a code from your cell carrier. This will allow you to then use any network with the correct technology (GSM/CDMA). Starting yesterday, Wednesday, April 11, customers wishing to unlock their device will now have to wait 30 days and ensure their first payment has been made to Three.




In addition to the waiting, you will have to pay a fee of £15.32 for them to unlock the device. Devices are locked to a carrier because the carrier often subsidize the phone. They need to have the phone active on their network to gain that money back. The fee cannot be added to a customers bill and must be paid with a credit/debit card.


To get a phone unlocked, you have to call in--the stores cannot do it. 3 says: "In most cases, once the payment has been made we can give the unlock code to the customer straight away. Where that isn't possible it may take 2-3 days to get the unlock code processed. Throughout the process we'll text to advise when the code is ready, and if there's a problem we will also text the customer to let them know when to expect the code."

Turkish pianist under investigation for 'offending' tweets about religion

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 1:56 pm

You gotta love social networking. It seems to manage to get everyone into trouble at some point or another. This time it has landed a Turkish pianist under investigation for possibly making statements that are offensive to Islam and, additionally, statements that are offensive to Judaism and Christianity.




Since the Tweets have since been deleted, here is what Zaman reports:


[quote]Say sent controversial tweets questioning whether heaven in Islamic belief is like a brothel or pub because the Qu'ran says there are rivers of drinks and houris [very beautiful women] in heaven for those who commit good deeds while they are on earth.


Say also tweeted about a muezzin who recited the evening call for prayer in 22 seconds, questioning whether he was in a rush to reunite with his lover or go to the rakı table.[/quote]


The prosecutor of Turkey is investigating Say for breaking Penal Code Article 216. That portion of the penal code carries a 6-month to 3-year penalty if convicted. The Turkish pianist studied at the Robert Schumann Institute in Düsseldorf, and has over 67 compositions attributed to him.

Thursday Morning Roundup for April 12, 2012

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Roundups | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 1:30 pm

The latest happenings in the technology world, April 12th, 2012.




MSI HD 7970 3GB Lightning - Hardware Canucks

PowerColor HD7870 PCS+ - Overclock3D




Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD - KitGuru

Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache - TechwareLabs

OCZ Octane 512GB SSD - Hardware Canucks

Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache - Hardware Heaven

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Deal of the Day: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 550 Ti - $79.99 after Rebate, Shipped FREE!

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 12:28 pm

Our Deal of the Day is ZOTAC GeForce GTX 550 Ti - $79.99 after Rebate, Shipped FREE!




ZOTAC GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI-e Video Card - $79.99 after Rebate, Shipped Free!


Great price for this ZOTAC ZT-50401-10L GeForce GTX 550 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card. Get it for just $79.99 after a $30 mail-in rebate. Get it from NewEgg.




Use coupon code: EMCYTZT1440 for the $30 discount.

Expires 04/12/2012.

$30 mail-in rebate expires 04/30/2012.



Check our TweakTown Daily Deals page for more tech bargains!

Download of the Day: EVGA Precision X 3.0.2

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Software | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 11:28 am

Our Download of the Day is EVGA Precision X 3.0.2.




Introducing the next generation of GPU overclocking software: EVGA Precision X


Designed from the ground up to support the latest GPU technologies, EVGA Precision X redefines what overclocking software should be. This program allows you to fine tune your EVGA graphics card, including GPU Clock speed, GPU Voltage, Memory Clock speed and Fan speed.


Want to watch what your graphics card is doing in your favorite game? Load up the integrated monitoring and see all your graphics card vitals from right inside your game.


Want to setup a custom Fan Curve? Hit the Fan Curve button and set up a custom Fan Slope. Compatible with nearly every EVGA graphics card.


The EVGA Precision X Android App connects to the host PC via Bluetooth.




  • GPU and Memory Frequency/Clock Offset
  • Power Target Control (GeForce GTX 680)
  • Frame Rate Target Control
  • GPU Voltage Adjustment
  • Fan Control/Fan Curve
  • Profiling system allowing up to 10 profiles with optional hotkey
  • Robust monitoring allowing ingame, system tray, and/or Logitech LCD monitoring
  • In game screenshot hotkey, supports BMP, PNG and JPG formats
  • Multi-language support: English, Dutch, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is coming, will feature over 50 characters to fight with

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: Apr 12, 2012 10:33 am

Fighting fans will love this, with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arriving in September on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, according to publisher Namco Bandai, where they announced the news at a Las Vegas event today.




The game will feature a bunch of extra characters in addition to the 44 that are featured in the arcade version. No names have been mentioned yet, but Namco has confirmed that we should expect over 50 fighters in total. But that's not the best bit, we can expect to have a bunch of game modes made available in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


We can expect 1-on-1, 2-on-1, and 2-on-2, as well as a new Fight Lab feature that will help beginners learn the ropes, and get their skills up by versing a customizable bot fighter. This will get people into the game much quicker, or you could just be like me and button mash until you own it. What's the block button? I don't use it.

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