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Netflix accounts for 33% of peak Internet traffic in North America, people like their videos

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Online Video | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 11:39 pm

Netflix is a massive bandwidth hog, or at least a new report from Sandvine would lead you to believe that. The data that they collected shows that Netflix use contributed 33 percent of downstream traffic in North America during peak hours. From 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., Netflix dominated the competition in data usage.




Amazon, by comparison, only accounted for 1.8 percent, and Hulu only managed to use 1.4 percent. During this time period, roughly 65 percent of non-cellular data was composed of audio- or video-streaming services. This means that Netflix accounts for over half of all streaming during the peak hours of usage.


Sandvine is predicting that Netflix will, by 2015, generate "two times the bandwidth of YouTube and 10 times that of competing services." Sandvine's numbers are created by collecting data from over 200 customers worldwide over a period of one month. Sandvine is in the business of selling Internet traffic-management systems.

Twitter withstands the massive wave of election day tweets without crashing

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 10:31 pm

Twitter had an incredible day yesterday. While most of the country was out and about voting and watching the results come in, they were also tweeting about it--heavily. Twitter has come out today with a bunch of different stats for Election Day 2012, and some of them are extremely impressive.




Most impressive of the stats is that Twitter recorded a maximum of 327,452 tweets per minute (TPM). The number of tweets is incredible, and Twitter handled it all without a hitch. "These numbers reflect the largest election-related Twitter conversation during our 6 years of existence," VP of Infrastructure Mazen Rawashdeh wrote, "though they don't capture the total volume of all Tweets yesterday."


Even more impressive is that Twitter handled these loads for long periods. Previously, Twitter has had to deal with a high number of tweets per second, but only for a few seconds. An example of this is midnight on New Year's Eve or at the end of a sporting event, such as the Superbowl. For the election, Twitter averaged just under 10,000 tweets per second from 8:11 to 9:11 p.m. PT.


"Seeing a sustained peak over the course of an entire event is a change from the way people have previously turned to Twitter during live events," Rawashdeh wrote. "Last night's numbers demonstrate that as Twitter usage patterns change, Twitter the service can remain resilient. Over time, we have been working to build an infrastructure that can withstand an ever-increasing load."

Microsoft sending out 'how-to' e-mails to Windows 8 users

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Operating Systems | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 9:33 pm

Users who have purchased or upgraded to Windows 8 should be receiving e-mails from Microsoft. In this case, they aren't spam and they aren't phising e-mails. In this instance, Microsoft has decided it is a good idea to send out e-mails to customers that explain how to use Windows 8 and do various tasks in the new environment.




Users should receive two e-mails from Microsoft, if they set up a Windows 8 device and associated it with a Microsoft account. The first of the two e-mails details the basics of Windows 8, including descriptions of Live tiles, charms, and switching between views or multiple Windows 8 apps.


The second e-mail is more about customization and is titled "Personalize your Windows." It features information on how to customize the Start screen, use built-in apps, download new apps, and creating a picture password. Both e-mails feature a link called "Learn More" or "Discover More" which will take users to Microsoft's site, where they can watch how-to videos and find more information.

LeakedTT: Office Mobile is coming for Android and iOS, shown in new screenshots

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Apps | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 8:32 pm

Android and iOS users will now be able to get access to Microsoft Office products on their respective devices, if these new leaked screenshots prove to be true. The images have been confirmed by several sources as being legitimate and Microsoft has reportedly said that they plan to launch the apps in March 2013.




To use the new apps on the mobile platforms, users will be required to have an Office 365 subscription, enabling Microsoft to continue making money off of a key revenue generator. Users with a Microsoft account, but lacking the subscription to Office 365, will be able to view documents from Excel, PowerPoint, and Word, but will be unable to edit.


The rumor surfaced last year when a picture seemed to show an iPad running an Office app. Microsoft was quick to squash the rumor, though in May, rumors again surfaced that Office would be coming to the popular mobile operating systems in November. November is here and we still don't have the apps, but TechSpot reports that they will be out in March 2013.

Popular Android and iOS games land in Windows Phone Store, Angry Birds Space and Cut The Rope now available

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Apps | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 7:29 pm

The Windows Phone Store is slowly filling up with apps for users of the new mobile operating system to download and use. A couple of popular games for Android and iOS have now found their way onto the fledgling app store, to the delight of Windows Phone users and Microsoft alike.




Angry Birds Space will only set you back $0.99, and for that, you'll gain access to over 150 levels of bird-flinging, pig-smashing joy. Cut the Rope will also cost you a mere $0.99 and features 300 levels for you to cut your way through. The two apps are sure to provide hours of fun for a quarter the cost of a movie ticket.


Of the 120,000 or so apps that are available in the Windows Phone store, not many provide the fit and finish that these two apps from the other platforms provide. If you've got the $1 or $2 to spare, it's definitely worth spending it on these two apps.

Google changes up its search results page...again

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 6:46 pm

Google is constantly tweaking the look and feel, as well as the back-end, of the products and services that we have come to love. Just yesterday, Google once again updated the search results page to make the results appear simpler and cleaner. The new design puts a larger emphasis on their knew Knowledge Graph, as you can see below:




The search tools that are needed every now and again have been consolidated into a menu above the results, which still allows access to them if they are needed. The new search design will be hitting US users first, with Google hoping to roll it out to other regions and languages as quickly as they possibly can.


What are your thoughts on the new design?

Nintendo pulls back veil of secrecy behind Wii U online network

By: Daniel Perez | More News: Gaming | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 5:53 pm

Ever since the Wii U was announced at E3 2011, gamers around the world have been hoping Nintendo steps up their online network game seeing as competitors Microsoft and Sony have completely left them in the dust with Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Nintendo has assured gamers it will not repeat the same mistakes it made with the Wii and 3DS with Nintendo's Friend Code system. When you consider the Wii U will launch in a little over a week, it's natural to be concerned Nintendo has yet to give any real details surrounding its upcoming online network. The phrase "better late than never" certainly rings true here as Nintendo has finally released some details of how the Wii U's online network will work through its YouTube channel.




Before getting into the nitty gritty of the Wii U's online network, Nintendo first describes the experience Wii U owners will have when they first turn on their console. You'll first need to create a user account for the Wii U with a total of 12 user accounts possible per console. Once a user account is created, the user will create their Mii to attach to the account.

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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata performs a Wii U unboxing ceremony

By: Daniel Perez | More News: Gaming | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 3:51 pm

The November 18th release date of the Nintendo Wii U is fast approaching which means Nintendo's latest console will soon be set out into the world to most likely replace our dust-collecting Wii consoles.




Wii U units have started making their way to journalists this week for review, which means we're sure to get flooded with unboxing videos in the near future. Seeing as Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata not only unboxed the Wii U Deluxe Set on Nintendo's YouTube channel, but also deemed it a "Wii U unboxing ceremony" means no one should even attempt their own unboxing seeing as how much awesome oozes out of Nintendo's official unboxing.

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Spotify updates its iOS app to support iPhone 5

By: Daniel Perez | More News: Software | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 3:24 pm

I use Spotify on a daily basis, but one thing I've been hugely disappointed in is the fact that the iPhone 5 has been out for a little over a month, and yet one of my absolute favorite music-streaming applications has gone without an update to support the iPhone 5. Each day that passed reminded me of just how much I detest non-iPhone 5 optimized applications on the iPhone 5 as those black bars on the top and bottom of the app drive me nuts. After over a month with having to deal with my first-world problem, Spotify has just launched its iPhone 5 update to its iOS app.




The update is now live on the App Store and its version notes simply say, "Spotify now looks great on iPhone 5!" After playing around with it all morning, I can tell you that it certainly does and this update is a welcome addition to my iPhone 5.

Microsoft SmartGlass releases for iOS; Replaces Xbox iOS app

By: Daniel Perez | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Nov 7, 2012 1:25 pm

Microsoft's SmartGlass has made its way to Windows Phone and Android, and now it's finally been made available for iOS users as an update to its Xbox iOS application.




Just like the Windows Phone and Android version of SmartGlass, the application allows iOS users to connect to their Xbox 360 and interact with it in a number of ways such as launching games or applications and becoming a second screen for software that supports that feature. An example of this feature is being able to launch a DJ mode in Dance Central 3 that will allow for the SmartGlass user to interact with the game or when listening to music or watching a video on Zune Marketplace, information regarding the content can be accessed from SmartGlass.

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