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Another Samsung sales ban is overturned by the courts, Galaxy Nexus can now be sold again

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 10:39 pm

Apple has s suffered another loss of sorts as one of the post-trial sales bans instituted by Judge Koh has been overturned by an appeals court. The federal appeals court ruled that Apple would not suffer significant harm by the infringement that was found during the trial, and as such removed the sales ban.




The Next Web put it beautifully when they described Samsung's arguments: "Samsung argued, somewhat humiliatingly, that the sales of the Galaxy Nexus were so poor that they didn't pose a threat to Apple's iPhone and that the unified search feature was not essential to the success of its device. The appeals court apparently agrees."


An excerpt of the official order:


…it may very well be that the accused product would sell almost as well without incorporating the patented feature. And in that case, even if the competitive injury that results from selling the accused device is substantial, the harm that flows from the alleged infringement (the only harm that should count) is not.


The ruling that contributed the most to the ban was in regards to patent 8086604, which deals with a unified search method. The idea here is that the Galaxy Nexus would sell nearly as well, if not as well, as it is currently even if it didn't implement the infringing feature. It seems like Samsung keeps getting more and more reason to launch an appeal.

Verizon getting the DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR MAXX HD on October 18

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 9:31 pm

Verizon will begin selling the DROID RAZR HD and DROID RAZR MAXX HD on October 18. The new devices continue the design of the popular DROID Android devices that Verizon has been selling for several years now. Of course, they feature updated specifications to keep up with the competitors offerings.




The devices sport a 4.7-inch 1280x720 resolution screen powered by a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. Wireless is complete with 4G LTE and NFC connectivity, still features saved for higher-end models. The RAZR HD sports 16GB of internal storage and will set you back $199.99 with a new two-year contract.


The RAZR MAXX HD is very similar, but will set you back $299.99 with a new two-year contract. Why the cost difference? Well, the MAXX comeds with a 30 percent larger battery and 32GB of internal storage. Verizon's full press statement is in the full story.

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Hacker gets a $60,000 prize from Google for breaking into Chrome

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Internet Browsers | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 8:34 pm

In a continuing effort to make Google Chrome more secure, Google enters the browser into hacking competitions. One of the hacking competitions stopped requiring participants to fully disclose how an exploit was performed, so Google decided to start hosting their own. Known as Pwnium competition, Google hands out awards from $20,000 to $60,000 depending on the exploit.




In this case, a hacker managed to win $60,000, the highest award amount, for exploiting a security hole in Chrome on Tuesday. "We're happy to confirm that we received a valid exploit from returning pwner Pinkie Pie," Google announced in a Chromium blog. "This pwn relies on a WebKit Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) compromise to exploit the renderer process and a second bug in the IPC layer to escape the Chrome sandbox. Since this exploit depends entirely on bugs within Chrome to achieve code execution, it qualifies for our highest award level as a 'full Chrome exploit,' a $60,000 prize and free Chromebook."


Of course, Google's team immediately started patching the exploit as soon as it was discovered and had a patch pushed out in just 10 hours. The hacker who performed this exploit also picked up $60,000 in the first competition that was held earlier this year. If Pinkie Pie can keep this up, he could support himself nicely with this income.

YouTube expands analytics, adds time watched and annotations retporting

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 7:32 pm

Google is helping out the content creators who make videos on YouTube. They're now providing more in-depth analytics to content creators so that the creators can achieve better audience engagement and click through. The time viewed portion on analytics is an extension of the initiative YouTube started earlier this year when they started using time watched to suggest videos.




YouTube then goes on to stress that annotations are what drive audience engagement. They provide this as the reasoning behind why they have added an Annotations report to the analytics feature. The Annotations report provides insights into view click and view closure ratios so that creators can judge which annotations worked best.


YouTube has also brought back the Date slider so that creators can "adjust the date range and see how your videos performed across different time periods." All of these new features should help creators make better videos, which in turn results in a better viewing experience when surfing through YouTube.

Google drives home the point that they are better at mapping, releases biggest Street View update ever

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Internet & Websites | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 6:28 pm

Couch vacationing just got even easier as Google has just released their biggest update ever to Street View. With more than 250,000 miles of roads around the world updated and double the number of special collections, Google is the definitive mapping application and couch vacationing service.




Google specifically calls out the use of couch vacationing (my term, not theirs) in their announcement: "Street View, as you know, is a useful resource when you're planning a route or looking for a destination, but it can also magically transport you to some of the world's picturesque and culturally significant landmarks."


Google even throws in what I take to be a jab at Apple: "We hope you enjoy taking a virtual stroll around some of the world's beautiful places, and stay tuned for more Street View updates as we look to make our maps more comprehensive and useful for you." Apple does insist that their maps are getting better, but they have a long way to go to catch up to Google.


Roads in the following countries have been updated: Macau, Singapore, Sweden, the U.S., Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, and Canada. New special collections are now available for South Africa, Japan, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, and others. The full collections of significant places can be seen on Google's website.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini officially shows up, comes with 4" screen, 1GHz proc, and NFC

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 5:09 pm

The rumors proved correct in this instance. Today, Samsung has officially outed the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, the little brother of their flagship Galaxy S3 device. I just want to take a moment to complain: why did they have to continue to extend the name of the device? The name was already long enough before they attached "Mini" to it.




Now that that is out of the way, let's move on to what you really want to hear about, the specifications. The device sports the rumored 4-inch screen, which should give it broader appeal among customers. It's powered by Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, which is in turn interpreted by a dual core 1GHz SoC.


The device's design is extremely similar to its larger older brother. It features the same NFC, S Bean feature, and curvy design elements. The rear-facing camera is a 5 megapixel sensor if auto-focus and flash. It sports 8GB of internal storage and up to a 32GB microSD card. Customers should be able to purchase the device in early November.

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Specifications for a new Samsung device surface, currently named GT-I9260 Galaxy Premier

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 4:50 pm

Our friends over at Mobile Geeks have found some information about a new phone that Samsung is reportedly working on. Mobile Geeks say (translated) that the device is "traded by some as a Samsung Galaxy Nexus second." I believe this means that the GT-I9260 will end up being branded a Galaxy Nexus device.




The device looks similar to the Galaxy S III, Samsung's current flagship device, but as the same time it has a slightly different appearance and size. It will feature a 4.65-inch OLED display that outputs at 1280x720 resolution. The device will be driven by an unnamed dual-core ARM processor clocked at 1.5 GHz.


The device will ship with the latest Android operating system, also known as Jelly Bean or version 4.1. Internal storage will be in the form of 8 or 16 GB which will be used to store the pictures taken with the 8.1 megapixel front-facing camera and the 2 megapixel rear-facing camera.


Of course it comes with the other array of standards such as microUSB port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, HSPA, microSD, and headset jack. The release date is targeted to be the fourth quarter of 2012.

OCZ picks up a new CEO from the Board of Directors, welcome to Ralph Schmitt

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 4:23 pm

OCZ, a maker of popular solid state drives, lost their CEO recently, but not to fear as the Board of Directors has picked a new replacement from its Board of Directors. Enter Ralph Schmitt, the former CEO of PLX Technologies up until Monday. Tuesday morning, the new OCZ CEO held a conference call and laid out his plans.




"Our actions will be based on innovation, quality, and profitability. Our focus will be to further penetrate OEMs and the enterprise market," he said on the conference call. "OCZ is committed to supporting our customers. We have already made great strides in discontinuing value products and non-core products. Focusing strategy on enterprise. We have lost credibility but we will win it back. We will focus on predictable, sustainable, & profitable results, but this will not happen overnight."


OCZ is planning to trim away at its value offerings as a company of its size just can't have as many as they do. Along with this, OCZ had offered customer incentives that were also too big. The CEO is looking to make the company profitable and work on its image.

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HTC leaves the US tablet market, and will return when they can compete with the iPad

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 11:34 am

News has hit that Taiwanese smart device maker HTC has left the US tablet market. Apple's iPad completely dominates the US tablet market and HTC know this, according to the company's global online communications manager, Jeff Gordon.




Gordon has said that HTC will continue to keep tabs on the market, and will most likely return when they have a product that can compete with the iPad. HTC have launched three tablets in the US in the past two years, the Flyer, Evo View 4G and Jetstream, with none of them available for sale right now. Gordon has said:


It was a great learning experience for us, and they definitely met expectations.


I suspect we'll see HTC come back with a Nexus 7-like product, that would be priced at under $350-$400. But time will tell, I guess.

Steve Wozniak says Apple were "arrogant", wishes they made a small, and large iPhone 5

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Oct 11, 2012 10:31 am

It looks like I'm not the only one not impressed with the iPhone 5, with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak wishing that the new sixth-generation iPhone 5 wasn't just a taller, thinner, faster iPhone 4S. Wozniak says Apple were arrogant in their decision of keeping just a single 4-inch sized iPhone 5.




He notes that the Cupertino-based company should've created two sizes, a smaller iPhone, and a larger as well as wider iPhone. His chat with TechCentral gave quite a lot of insight, and opinion into the company he helped form:


Part of me wishes that Apple had not been so kind of arrogant and feeling we're the only one with the right clue. I wish they had made a small and a large version of the iPhone; that would have been great for me. Keep the aspect ratio the same, horizontal and vertical the same, but just grow it in the other way.


I think Apple tricked itself and said 'oh you could reach everything with one thumb' and I don't see anybody having any trouble using the larger screens. Apple said that as a defensive move because when the other phones came out they all had larger screens. Apple is now trying to run with that defence, saying 'we are right' and really there's a mix of people. Not all people want the same thing and a lot of people really like the big screens.

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