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Snapchat raises $60M in funding, valued at a massive $800M

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Apps | Posted: Jun 25, 2013 1:01 am

Snapchat seems to be doing very well for itself. It has experienced massive growth and is a major player in the mobile app market, despite Facebook's attempt to kill the app with Poke. The app boats 200 million "snaps" daily, meaning it's pushing quite a bit of data. For right now, the app doesn't seem to have a way to make money, so seed funding is important.




The company has confirmed that it raised $60 million in funding and saw itself garner an $800 million pre-money valuation. If you'll recall, Facebook bought Instagram for not much more than that. The company has raised a total of around $75 million since it debuted back in September 2011.


In order to continue scaling while developing the Snapchat experience, we needed to build a bigger engineering team and figure out how to pay our server bills. Long story short -- we're committed to building a big company around an innovative and fun product.

iPhone5mod claims to have 'permanently' cracked Apple's Lightning authentication

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jun 25, 2013 12:37 am

With Apple's new Lightning connector, the company introduced a new authentication chip that would hopefully help prevent unauthorized accessories. iPhone5mod is now claiming to have "permanently" cracked said authentication chip, allowing them to produce accessories that won't pop up warnings.




Without the authentication chip, unauthorized accessories cause warnings to pop up on the user's device. These warnings warn that the accessory is not a certified device. The firm now has three Lightning cables and two iPhone 5 docks. These devices are also compatible with the new iOS 7 operating system.

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RumorTT: Sony readying new PS3 models, files for certification for two new models

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: Jun 25, 2013 12:03 am

Sony appears to be readying two new PS3 models, though the degree to which they have been changed isn't clear. Sony has filed for certification for two new PS3 models in South Korea. New models have also been seen on a webpage for Japan's Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, indicating that they could be releasing region-specific models for Japan and South Korea.




The models, "CECH-4200" and "CECH-4205", are likely just small hardware changes rather than a major overhaul. Based upon the model number, it's suspected that they are of the Super Slim PS3 variety with updated CPUs using a smaller lithography or some other small update.


We've seen no new model numbers for the US, though it's possible they are coming. We'll keep our eyes out for any additional references to these, or new, model numbers.

ReportTT: Samsung to start mass-producing GALAXY Note III in August

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jun 24, 2013 11:30 pm

Samsung's upcoming GALAXY Note III is said to be starting mass-production in August. A report by ETNews says that the new Note III will enter into production this August so as to be ready for a launch sometime this fall, just in time for the holiday season shopping sprees.




Rumors say that the GALAXY Note III will feature a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, a full HD 6-inch Super AMOLED display, a 13-megapixel camera, Android 4.2.2, and better S-Pen support. @evleaks suggests that the Note III will feature a 5.7-inch display, rather than the rumored 6-inch display.

Imgur finally gets a mobile app on Android, iOS version coming

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Apps | Posted: Jun 24, 2013 11:03 pm

Imgur has finally joined the mobile revolution by creating its first app. The Imgur app is available on Android and will make it easier for Imgur users to browse the site, upload new pictures, and share or comment on existing photos. A native app will be much better than a mobile site or third-party app.




Imgur is often used in conjunction with Reddit. The mobile app offers all of the same features and a very similar experience as the main website. "We wanted the app to work just like the main site. We've been working on this six months and collecting feedback," said Imgur founder and CEO Alan Schaaf.


Imgur also has an iPhone app in the works, though Apple has rejected the app on multiple occasions. The first time was for DMCA issues, however, Imgur noted they are DMCA compliant. Apple then rejected the app on the grounds that it was too easy to find adult content. Imgur has made it more difficult to find such content in hopes that this will get the app accepted.

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Acer Iconia W3 8.1-inch Windows 8 tablet now available in the US

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jun 24, 2013 10:31 pm

Acer's 8.1-inch Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet is officially available in the United States from Office Depot and Staples. This smaller tablet provides the full Windows 8 experience via its dual-core 1.8GHz Atom Z2760 processor. While not one of the fastest x86 processors, the Atom Z2760 sips power, allowing for up to eight hours of battery life.




It weighs in at just over a pound and measures in at under one-half-inch thick. It's screen is capable of 1,280x800 pixels, which is good enough for 720p video. Acer is also including the full Office suite for free with the tablet, adding some value to an already well-priced machine.


It features a front-facing and rear-facing camera, both of which are 2-megapixel snappers. For wireless connectivity, Acer has included Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11b/g/n wireless. The 32GB version is available from Office Depot for $349, though a 64GB version should be available sometime in the future.

Samsung said to be ending desktop PC production, wants to focus on portable devices

By: Trace Hagan | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Jun 24, 2013 10:03 pm

Samsung is reportedly intensifying its focus on mobile devices by ending desktop PC production. According to the Korea Times, a Samsung executive was quoted as saying that desktops will not be produced any longer so that the company can focus on portable devices, something Samsung has been exceptionally strong at.




"Tablets, all-in-one and hybrid PCs are Samsung's current focus. Samsung is speeding up its restructuring of its PC business via product realignment toward profitable variants," the executive is quoted as saying. This makes good sense as the desktop PC market continues to shrink quarter-over-quarter.


Samsung apparently believes there is still a market for the all-in-one desktop variety machine, though this could also be shrinking in the coming years as devices continue to get smaller, faster, and better. We'll keep our eye on Samsung's PC division and let you know of any changes to this course.

Apple signs deal with TSMC to build its A series chips for the next 3 years

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: Jun 24, 2013 9:31 pm

Earlier this morning a report out of the Taiwanese supply chain indicates that Apple may have finally signed a deal with manufacturer TSMC to produce it's A-series chips for the next three years. TSMC is expected to begin building apples A8 processors along with future models during that timeframe.




While rumors still circle between a Samsung and Apple breakup over chip manufacturing industry analysts state that Samsung will continue to manufacture Apple's next-generation A7 and A7X designs that are expected to appear in Apple's upcoming iPhone 5S as well as the fifth-generation iPad.


Other analysts are stating that over the next two years, TSMC will head up all of the A9 and A9x as well as A10 and A10X chip production through 2016. These reports appear to confirm reports that TSMC has been bolstering its foundries manufacturing assets over the last year in preparation for a big new client.

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Microsoft to port first-party game franchises to Android and iOS

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jun 24, 2013 9:02 pm

Microsoft has a long history of only releasing its first-party games on Windows-based platforms. This is because the company likes to use their games to sell more Windows-based systems. It's a business model that made sense in the past but might not be profitable in today's world.




Today, Reuters is reporting that Microsoft has partnered with Japan's KLab to port its first-party titles to Android and iOS. The deal includes both PC and Xbox games and would start with a free-to-play variant of Age of Empires that is said to be launching before the end of the 2013 fiscal year. Porting existing games to Android and iOS usually equals big bucks as we've seen from other publishing houses in the past.

Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 2, now works on iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhones dating back to iPhone 4

By: Charles Gantt | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jun 24, 2013 8:43 pm

This morning, Apple officially released iOS 7 beta-2 for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPod Touch, iPad, and iPad mini, and it is now available for download from iTunes. This release comes two weeks after the original beta was handed to developers immediately after Apple's WWDC conference.




iOS 7 Beta 2 has been optimized for the iPad and iPad mini, in addition to the iPhone and iPod touch. At the moment, we haven't had a chance to take a more in-depth look, but developers are reporting numerous bug fixes and improvements for all devices as well as the addition of the voice memos app. Siri also gets new voices in English and, as we reported earlier, name recognition is improved as well.