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NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 released, claims midrange crown and twirls around like a princess

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: May 18, 2011 12:58 am

NVIDIA has launched their new midrange GPU, the GeForce GTX560 today and for under $200 it's quite the powerhouse. Considering most games are pushed out at 30fps or above at 1080p resolutions, it'll be quite popular. Given that the latest Steam results show that a majority of green-clad fans are running 9800-series NVIDIA hardware, it could well be time for a great value replacement!


TweakTown image news/1/9/19716_76_nvidia_geforce_gtx560_released_claims_midrange_crown_and_twirls_around_like_a_princess.jpg


Below we have a bunch of reviews, feel free to check them out - a little birdie told me that the first one is the best, but I'm totally not biased or anything...

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Tuesday Morning Roundup

By: Steve Dougherty | More News: Roundups | Posted: May 17, 2011 1:24 pm

The latest happenings from around the web - May 17th, 2011




- Lenovo ThinkPad X1 @ Techspot

- Samsung NC110-A01 Review @ Techreviewsource

- Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Notebook @ tbreak

- ALenovo T420: The Ultimate Business Machine @ InsideHW

- Fusion-Notebook Samsung RV515 - impressions @ Planet3DNow




- MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3) Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets

- ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution Motherboard @

- Asrock Z68 Extreme4 (Intel Z68) Motherboard @ Techspot

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Download of the Day: Spybot Search & Destroy 2.0 Beta 1

By: Steve Dougherty | More News: Software | Posted: May 17, 2011 8:30 am

Our Download of the Day today is Spybot Search & Destroy 2.0 Beta 1.


Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, a relatively new kind of threat not yet covered by common anti-virus applications. Spyware silently tracks your surfing behaviour to create a marketing profile for you that is transmitted without your knowledge to the compilers and sold to advertising companies.


If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you haven't intentionally installed, if your browser crashes inexplicably, or if your home page has been "hijacked" (or changed without your knowledge), your computer is most probably infected with spyware.


Even if you don't see the symptoms, your computer may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging. Spybot-S&D is free, so there's no harm giving it a try to see if something has invaded your computer.


Spybot-S&D can also clean usage tracks, an interesting function if you share your computer with other users and don't want them to see what you have been working on. And for professional users, Spybot-S&D allows you to fix some registry inconsistencies and extended reports.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19714_01_download_of_the_day_spybot_search_destroy_2_0_beta_1.png

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Deal of the Day: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2K Digital Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Camera with 14-42mm Lens for $437.99 with FREE Shipping!

By: Steve Dougherty | More News: Cameras | Posted: May 17, 2011 7:04 am

Our Deal of the Day today is the Best Buy - Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2K Digital Mirrorless Micro Four Thirds Camera with 14-42mm Lens for $437.99 with FREE Shipping!.


Offer: Best Buy dropped the price on Panasonic compact new slimmer and smaller Lumix GF2 micro four thirds interchangeable lens camera with included 14-42mm lens. This camera features 12MP still picture capture, full HD (1080i at 60fps) movie recording, 3" 460k dot touch screen LCD, pop-up flash + hotshoe, built in stereo microphone, and more.




TweakTown image news/1/9/19713_01_deal_of_the_day_panasonic_lumix_dmc_gf2k_digital_mirrorless_micro_four_thirds_camera_with_14_42mm_lens_for_437_99_with_free_shipping.jpg



Check our TweakTown Daily Deals page for more tech bargains!

ALCATRAZ, JJ Abrams-produced series trailer

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: HT & Movies | Posted: May 17, 2011 3:04 am

This is another good looking show from FOX, JJ Abrams is an Executive Producer on it and it features a Lost alumni Jorge Garcia and the great Sam Neill. The show revolves around the Alcatraz prison where all of the in-mates go missing and turn up in 2011. I don't want to spoil this one too much for you, but take a look at the trailer and I'm sure you'll be impressed:



Looks good, right? I'll be tuning in to watch this, two great actors that I love, JJ Abrams-powered and featuring the great Alcatraz. All we need now is Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery and this would be a party!

Terra Nova, Steven Spielberg-produced series involving... dinosaurs and time travel!

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: HT & Movies | Posted: May 17, 2011 2:55 am

Been following this one for a while, the Steven Spielberg-produced dinosaur and time travelling show Terra Nova. Terra Nova will air on FOX on Mondays this Fall, and the show "follows an ordinary family on an incredible journey back in time to prehistoric Earth as a small part of a daring experiment to save the human race." The shows story line seems a lot better than most science fiction setups, with scientists finding a fracture in time that makes it possible to construct a portal into primeval history. The idea behind this is to rebuild civilisation and 'get it right this time'.



The trailer doesn't look too bad at all with some surprisingly good special FX and features an actor I loved on Life on Mars, Jason O'Mara. The show is out this fall and I'm sure after you watch that trailer it'll be on your list of things to watch for sure.

NVIDIA cocoons GeForce GTX590, revises hardware and will unleash the Butterfly in June

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Video Cards | Posted: May 17, 2011 2:33 am

NVIDIA's Cheech and Chong edition of the GeForce GTX590 enjoys benchmarking until it went Up In Smoke. NVIDIA plans to solve this issue by throwing the GeForce GTX590 into the gym for the next few months and revising various pieces of the card so it doesn't fail, furthermore so it is better competition against the AMD Radeon HD6990.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19710_75_nvidia_cocoons_geforce_gtx590_revises_hardware_and_will_unleash_the_butterfly_in_june.jpg


This change in hardware will include new inductors which means a replacement baseplate is needed, sounds easy, doesn't it? But, this effects the sizing and dimensions of current GTX 590 waterblocks. This means 3rd party cooling solutions won't work on this new Butterfly-edition GTX590, until then the GTX590 stays in it's cocoon slowly evolving into a green beast that is sure to get a thrashing by reviewers, enthusiasts and green lovers on release.

Chrome OS 12 hits beta, this is it folks, the shipping version is nearly complete!

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Software | Posted: May 17, 2011 1:57 am

Google have just announced that the Chrome OS beta has hit R12 release 0.12.433.38 which includes Chrome 12 Beta, new trackpad, new flash player and several "stability and functional improvements over the previous release". This new release includes various security fixes:


TweakTown image news/1/9/19709_74_chrome_os_12_hits_beta_this_is_it_folks_the_shipping_version_is_nearly_complete.jpg


Disallow root escalation by creating /var/lib/chromeos-aliases.conf and inserting commands. [Credit to Chrome OS Team (Sean Paul)]

Disallow modification of about:flags in Guest mode [Credit to Chrome OS Security Team (Jim Hebert)]

Multiple package updates (openssl, dbugs, pango, sudo, strongswan, acl, libxml2, dhcpd) [Credit to Chrome OS Security Team]

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Japan Says No To PSN Restoration

By: | More News: Gaming | Posted: May 16, 2011 11:08 pm

While it seems that everyone is pretty psyched that the PlayStation Network will be back up and running after weeks of being down, Japan is surprisingly not down with that. Japan's government is halting the restoration of the network in their country until Sony can prove that they've taken appropriate measures to avoid a similar incident in the future.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19708_136_japan_says_no_to_psn_restoration.png


Kazushige Nobutani, Director of Media and Content Industry in Japan's Ministry of Economy reportedly told Dow Jones Newswires:


We met with Sony on May 6 and 13, and basically we want two things from them. The first is preventative measures. As of May 13, Sony was incomplete in exercising measures that they said they will do on the May 1 press conference.


The second evidently regarded ensuring consumer confidence in the wake of having their credit card information and other personal data compromised in the security breach. As we've seen already today, Sony is answering various usage questions and even giving games away to ensure that users return to the previously-troubled PlayStation Network as they gear up to reboot the entire thing.

California Bill Will Give Parents Access To Social Networks If Passed

By: Trak Lord | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: May 16, 2011 10:19 pm

Senator Ellen Corbett wants to force social network sites such as Facebook to allow parents access to their child's account. Excuse me? I thought I was living in a technology-welcoming, plugged-in liberal utopia here in San Francisco (so liberal in fact, that the public transportation has completely abandoned fascist principles like punctuality and reliability), but evidently I was incorrect.


TweakTown image news/1/9/19707_137_california_bill_will_give_parents_access_to_social_networks_if_passed.jpg


Parents would be able to request that any content be removed from any social network (Twitter, Foursquare, etc) within 48 hours upon his or her request. More importantly, any social network that would fail or refuse to comply with these requests would be fined $10k for each refusal of compliance. This is a clear case of conservative "well-meaning" protection / governmental "nannying" that would have extraordinarily pernicious consequences for both social network sites and the concept of privacy as a whole. It's understandable that parents would want some kind of oversight over their children's public information, but won't this encourage a demographic backlash of secretive and encoded information? If the kids know the parents are "watching", won't they just find new and different forms of communication within that system to maintain their privacy? When I was a young upset, my group of friends most certainly had codewords for behavior or intentions we didn't want to expose publicly to our parents.

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