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Doom reboot release date revealed with grisly new campaign trailer

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 week ago

id Software and Bethesda have announced the release date for their hellishly chaotic Doom reboot, choosing a very fitting date of Friday, May 13th to launch the game.



According to id, the game is all about "badass demons, big 'effing' guns, and moving really, really fast", and based on the new bloodthirsty campaign trailer, the new reboot is everything we'd expect in a Doom game. The FPS mechanics are gracious and fluid, delivering obscene death to nightmarish hellions with equally insane weapons. We even get to see a three-barreled minigun tear through demons like tissue paper. Based on the trailer, the game will most likely be in full 1080p 60FPS on all platforms.


As with most modern games, Doom will release with its own $120 collector's edition that includes a 12-inch Revenant statue based on an in-game 3D render. The dastardly skeleton statue also sports LED lighting and a low-power, spinning turbine to boot. The Doom CE also includes multiplayer skins and a stylish metal case, but all in all it seems like the standard fare for these types of deals.


Doom will unleash total havoc upon the earth on May 13, 2016 across PS4, Xbox One and PC. For more info jump over to the game's official website.

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What happened to Asteroids: Outpost? Core gameplay is being revisited

By: Jeff Williams | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 week ago

When Asteroids: Outpost was announced back in February of last year it was an exciting prospect. A revival of a brand but with a completely new perspective using a modern genre with a significant and distinct science fiction twist.




An open-world sandbox survival game that let you build massive manufacturing plants on remote outposts on asteroids. The idea really added inspired a lot of excitement. Sure it wasn't the traditional Asteroids game from so many years ago, but it was so much better. At least it had the potential to be. The game development was going slowly but surely, moving along with regular updates that candidly talked about the issues and problems they encountered.


But then, it suddenly stopped. The last update was on July 7th 2015, and since then the servers have seemed to go offline with almost no communication. That didn't seem right, especially for such an intriguing project. It was a survival game that takes things to the next level, and you don't have to press P to poo. In the wake of the missing communication, I reached out to Atari to see what was going on internally. The answer we got is good news, though.

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AMD hotfix driver coming today, fixes Fallout 4 Crossfire issue

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Video Cards | Posted: 1 week ago

AMD's 16.1.1 hotfix driver brought Crossfire improvements to Fallout 4 when it arrived yesterday. Then Bethesda released a patch for the game which introduced a Crossfire compatibility issue, and so AMD is releasing a second hotfix driver.




The company's software strategy manager Terry Makedon says it will arrive sometime today. Naturally, we'll let you know when it's available.

Uncharted 4 themed PlayStation 4 bundle coming this April

By: Jeff Williams | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 week ago

Sony just announced the special 500GB PlayStation 4 bundle for Uncharted 4 that'll be available this April. The limited edition console will have the visage of Nathan Drake silk-screened onto the console with a golden logo on the bottom to commemorate the release of possible the final chapter in his adventure.




The limited edition bundle will also include a matching DualShock 4 controller and an actual physical Blu-ray copy of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. The phrase "SIC PARVIS MAGNA", which means "greatness from small beginnings," in Latin. will also be silkscreened on the other side.


As an added bonus, those that buy this bundle will get a voucher for a special outfit, a golden weapon skin and Uncharted Points, the in-game currency, for use in the multiplayer mode. The entire limited edition bundle will cost a cool $399.99, and you can pre-order it later today.

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Australian Government uses Facebook to track $2m AU of welfare fraud

By: Chris Smith | More News: Social Networking | Posted: 1 week ago

The Australian Government has hired some third-party agencies in order to scour social media and track down Aussies gathering welfare donations illegally.




Boasting a current $1.43 million US ($2m AU) haul, the department responsible for processing welfare in the Land Down Under, Centrelink, further commented that $1.21 million US ($1.7m AU) has been discovered by them monitoring eBay accounts of welfare recipients not claiming this form of sale as income. Some of the offenders are said to have made the mistake of posting "Thank God it's Friday" on their Facebook, explaining that they were relieved the working week was over while receiving unemployment benefits at the same time.


Stuart Robert, the Minister for Humans Services, stated that this research resulted in "3,072 compliance reviews, 1,888 cases of overpayment and five arrests on warrants for failing to attend court for welfare fraud offences" as reported by the Canberra Times.

Mac and Linux version of Batman: Arkham Knight has been cancelled

By: Jeff Williams | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 week ago

Warner Bros. won't be finishing development on the Mac or Linux versions of Batman: Arkham Knight. If you happened to pre-order on the pretense that those would eventually be released, they're asking that you apply for a refund through Steam, which will be granted.




When it finally released, after much anticipation, Batman: Arkham Knight suffered from performance issues that rendered it near unplayable on a variety of hardware. The game was removed from Steam after receiving more than 1000 negative reviews at launch and sales were suspended in retail stores until they could find and fix the issues. It was assumed that the inclusion of GameWorks might have been related to the issues at hand, though it was only a correlation.


Rocksteady was able to fix the majority of the issues with the help of NVIDIA, though the damage had already been done. Performance with NVIDIA's GameWorks turned off did eventually become acceptable, however it was perhaps too late in the eye of the consumer.

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Win the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil from TweakTown Deals

By: TweakTown Deals | More News: Deals | Posted: 1 week ago



Want to get your hands-on Apple's latest high-end tablet but don't want to shell out the cash for it? We're giving away a brand new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil stylus to one lucky winner - and that could be you! Enter for your chance to win both at TweakTown Deals!


Entering for a chance to win is easy-just submit your email address at TweakTown Deals and share the link with everyone you know. You'll get extra entries for yourself when someone else enters using your referral link.


If you're the chosen one, we'll send you the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The iPad Pro boasts a 12.9-inch Retina display and a CPU performance double that of the iPad Air 2. Get top speed and performance whether you're editing photos, designing presentations, playing games, or watching movies-even when you're multitasking. The iPad Pro makes it easy to run two apps at once. And don't forget about the Apple Pencil, which lets you sketch, paint, and more, with zero lag time.


Ready to win? Enter at TweakTown Deals!

Modders fight to the death over Thermaltake's 'Modding Fighting' champ

By: Chris Smith | More News: Modding | Posted: 1 week ago

To celebrate the release of its WP100 chassis, Thermaltake has announced the '2016 Modding Fighting Championship' (MFC).



The first round will see world-renown modder and winner of the 2015 Thermaltake CaseMOD competition (season one) Suchao Prowphong from Thailand take on Jesse "JP Modified" Palacio, the winner of Thermaltake's 2015 CaseMOD season two.


This mod-off involves these two master artists creating a system build that suits their styles and will be showcased in the Tt Community forum starting from March 2016. Both of these experts will be using Thermaltake's liquid cooling, digital power supplies (RGB models) and a Core WP100 Super Tower each.

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PSA: Need for Speed: Most Wanted free on Origin now

By: Jeff Williams | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 week ago

EA is giving away the 2012 version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted as part of their On the House program. That means you can enjoy it completely free and for as long as you have an EA Origin account.




The 2012 reboot of Most Wanted was an enjoyable game on it's own, though it wasn't exactly the most fast-paced for ground breaking title to ever come from Criterion Games' collaboration with Ghost Games. Free is a good price, and if you were ever curious, head on over and download the 6.25GB game (remember when games were that small?).


EA's On the House program has been an interesting success for EA, with them having given away Sim City 2000, Plants vs Zombies, Peggle, Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, Dead Space, Wing Commander 3 and Battlefield 3 in the past. Games are rotated frequently enough as well. Free is always the best price.

Uber's pretentious post explains they brought bits and atoms together

By: Chris Smith | More News: Apps | Posted: 1 week ago

Now available in over 60 countries, offering ridesharing, food delivery and working on driverless transportation, there is no denying that Uber is a force to be reckoned with, showing extremely successful performance in its short history.


Bits and Atoms - Uber from Swell Music + Sound on Vimeo.


Sometimes when a business expands they start releasing weird promotional videos and blog posts, with a new promotion seeing Uber likened to the invention of the bit and also to atoms. Attached to a new logo, this Uber promotion discusses current services and the advancement of driverless technology, explaining this company as some form of futuristic technology service.


Uber explains that to them the Atom is represented by "growing cities," then hinting that they are the pioneers of bringing atoms and bits together. Reading this explanation might make it sound like satire, but it's not. Read the full blog and watch the video here

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