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Dutch engineering student develops a flying ambulance drone

With the ability to fly up to 61 mph, track emergency calls using a GPS for navigation and reach a patient within 12 square km in under 60 seconds - this drone is set to greatly increase cardiac-related survival rates for members of the public.


TweakTown image news/4/3/43175_096_dutch-engineering-student-develops-flying-ambulance-drone.jpg


Once the drone arrives at the scene, an operator can observe, speak with and instruct any willing helper how to operate the devices located on-board. Still not impressive enough? As according to their official Facebook page, a 125 mph model is currently being worked on, achieved through more power and decreased drag.


Complete with the on-board camera, GPS capabilities and speaker system, this drone is set to carry a defibrillator, allowing passers-by to attempt a heart restart of any cardiac victim that may need this drones life-saving service.

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100 years ago today - the first transcontinental phone call was made

Already almost a thing of the past, we often take for granted the option of landline telephones in this day and age - with mobiles taking over in massive fashion.


TweakTown image news/4/3/43123_039_100-years-ago-first-transcontinental-phone-call-made.jpg


On January the 25th, 1915, a call was made from New York to San Francisco - marking a massive advancement in technology and something to keep in the history books for years to come. This task was completed by Alexander Graham Bell, who made the call to his assistant, Thomas Watson.


This technology was made functional thanks to a single copper circuit, spanning 6,800 miles and allowing one phone call to be made at a time - this advancement was likened to that of man landing on the moon, as according to Anthea Hartig, the executive director of the California Historical Society.

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Get in before Nintendo strikes - unlicensed Game Boy mug for $12.32

With five different preset prints available, TheMugEmporium are selling off unlicensed Pokemon mugs for only $15.31 CAD ($12.32) right now.


TweakTown image news/4/3/43121_036_before-nintendo-strikes-unlicensed-game-boy-mug-12-32.jpg


All three of the original starting Pokemon are on offer, along with a Red or Blue title screen - with 'Gameboy Tint' or straight up white also being available.


You can even get your own specialized text written on the other side of the mug for an extra $2, allowing you to always remind Professor Oak what your name is, without stating it over and over again.

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As online sales ramp up, check out this great postage box redesign

ChenChen Hu has designed a fancy new shipping box designed to cut the messy tape piles and box-cutter injuries, replacing them with a fancy fold-over design box that contains a dented corner, housing a tab to open up the world of surprises located within.


TweakTown image news/4/3/43120_034_online-sales-ramp-up-check-great-postage-box-redesign.jpg


The Corner Pack has been designed as a solution to annoying packages that are wrapped in seemingly-endless amounts of sticky tape - or those eBay orders that come with a simple 2-inch long strip of tape that couldn't hold down an ant. The only small drawback to this development is the slight loss of space thanks to the 'dented' edge, however this design aspect has a purpose.


Thanks to it storing the opening flap out of the way, the box is unlikely to open when stacked with other objects or brushed past by the postman or courier. Meaning that your contents are safely stored inside without any need for sticky tape whatsoever.

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This multi-tool Leatherman bracelet is an IT-workers dream

Often very under-appreciated, the Leatherman is an absolute life-saver if you're a worker in IT and sometimes need to pull apart desktop systems, clean laptops or complete general computer repairs and servicing. Much easier than carrying around various screwdrivers and small scissors in your pocket, a Leatherman is an often-overlooked life saver.


TweakTown image news/4/3/43074_021_multi-tool-leatherman-bracelet-workers-dream.png


The Leatherman Tread fits 25 different tooling options into the one bracelet - providing users with Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers, a cutting hook, a bottle opener and more. Set for release around the end of Q1 2015, this product will set you back about $150 from retail stores for the silver metal edition, or $200 for the black-issue.


Expensive, yes - but do you know how long a Leatherman will last? If you're not happy with wearing this on your wrist for day to day activities, there's no harm storing it in your pocket - however you might see it getting snagged on things.

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Solar power flexes some muscle - Global plane journey plans released

The Solar Impulse 2 is a solar-powered plane that is set to travel across the globe, using a healthy dose of vitamin D as its only power source. Last year the plans were revealed by the team behind this massive project, set to travel the whole distance without refueling.


TweakTown image news/4/3/43035_019_solar-power-flexes-muscle-global-plane-journey-plans-released.jpg


The route of travel has now been revealed, set for kick-off in March 2015. Starting in Abu Dhabi, this aircraft will transgress the globe, stopping first in Asia, followed by America, southern Europe and Northern Africa. These pit-stops are described as refueling breaks for the staff and crew on board, not actually for the plane itself.


Coming in at 4850 lbs and with a 236 ft wingspan, this aircraft is a beauty to witness. Powered by 17,000 solar panels which charge a 2072 lb lithium battery, this plane will soar through the sky at an average cruising speed of 88 mph.

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Almost a mini-Segway, check out the Onewheel

Said to be current technologies' answer to the hover board, Onewheel is some sort of Segway, skateboard and hover board mix. Propelled by a brushless hub motor utilizing only one moving part, simply lean forward to start your journey - no kicking needed.



What's even cooler is the ability to go off-road - thanks to the larger sized, air-filled tire, the Onewheel can handle all types of terrain for whatever adventures you have in mind.


Complete with lithium iron phosphate batteries for extended ride-times and an 'ultra charger' that claims to fill them from empty to 100% in "well under an hour" (later confirmed as 20 minutes), this project is also completely self-balancing - much like a Segway. Now you can see how we came to our explanation above: Self-propelling and balancing like a Segway, board and stance similar to a skateboard and the versatility of a hover board.

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Minh Nguyen, technology entrepreneur charged with murder

Minh Nguyen, 38, co-founded the social networking platform Plaxo with his partner Sean Parker. Recently finding himself in jail, Nguyen has been charged with allegedly shooting his ex-wife's new husband, Corey Mattison, in their home.


TweakTown image news/4/2/42999_03_minh-nguyen-technology-entrepreneur-charged-murder.jpg


Two children were in the Ashburn, Virginia residence on the night of January 15 when Nguyen allegedly visited and murdered Mattison. Shortly after Nguyen's arrival, his ex-wife Denise Mattison and another child returned home while an incident was unfolding, no other injuries have taken place. Neighbors of the deceased believe that this altercation came about due to months of conflict over child custody and visitation issues.


Mrs. Mattison took to Facebook in order to spread her story around the world, creating the In Memory of Corey Mattison, My Hero public page, in which she states that "I watched my husband lure a gunman out of the house ... he sacrificed his life to save me and to put an end to the emotional turmoil my children and I endured."

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Logic wins again - London venues are banning selfie sticks

Leading concert venues in London have started to ban selfie sticks due to issues regarding blocking views of stages and the possibility of injury toward other patrons.


TweakTown image news/4/2/42950_080_logic-wins-again-london-venues-banning-selfie-sticks.jpg


You're not allowed to take in an extendable baton into festivals, concerts or gigs, so it makes perfect sense that selfie sticks have been barred from entry. This news comes amid reports of some injuries taking place thanks to selfie sticks being used in packed crowds, alongside many complaints that any large sized phone, like an iPhone 6 Plus, will easily block the view of any spectators.


O2 arena has joined the banned-wagon (no pun intended), with a spokesman stating in an interview to that "the O2 do not allow selfie sticks into the arena due to safety considerations. We welcome selfies, but please leave the stick at home", and a representative for Wembley Arena adds, "The sticks might mean you are refused entry to the venue so our advice is don't bring them and stick with the tried and tested use of an arm." This is followed by a spokesman for Brixton Academy adding "selfie sticks are not permitted at Academy Music Group venues. This is in keeping with our existing policy that prohibits the filming and photography during a performance with iPads and other tablet devices and includes any such obstructions for the satisfaction of other customers."

Worried about germs? Your phone is ridden with them, apparently

Students from the University of Surrey used Petri dishes to test how much bacteria really is on our beloved smartphones - the results may shock you a little. Now, before you take a bottle of bleach to everything you own, remember that germs are normal and are contained amongst almost everything in this world.


TweakTown image news/4/2/42897_064_worried-germs-phone-ridden.jpg


These studies show that a good deal of bacteria is housed around our phones 'home' buttons, said to range from our own to friends, family and acquaintances germs all rolled into one. There isn't really anything harmful found here, but some disease-carrying bacteria such as the Staphylococcus aureus has been previously discovered in similar studies.


Dr Simon Park is Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology and is the man behind this annual study, he stated that "as part of a course called Practical and Biomedical Bacteriology, an undergraduate module that I run, I get the students to imprint their mobile phones onto bacteriological growth Petri dishes so that we might determine what they might carry. It's unusual but very effective way of engaging our students with the often overlooked microbiology of everyday life." He further went on to comment that our phones store ours and others bacteria, just like they store phone numbers.

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