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Internet playboy celebrity called out - Dan Bilzerian shares morals

Some images in this article are Not Safe For Work (NSFW): Did you ever think you would see the day in which Dan Bilzerian would 'call out' another social media playboy on their antics? Well it has happened.




Described as coming to riches thanks to the tobacco industry, Instagram 'playboy' Travers Beynon is known for posting photos of extravagant parties, bikini-clad (or less) women and plenty of other controversial pictures thrown into the mix.


In his latest spree, he is seen 'walking' two women by holding onto their bra straps - the image was soon deleted but a follow up stated "50 Shades of Grey' is a nursery thyme... I'm more like a '1000 Shades of Black."

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'Point Break' remake gets first trailer

If you can believe it, it's almost a quarter of a century since the release of the classic Keanu Reeves/ Patrick Swayze bro-action flick 'Point Break', which means (at least to Hollywood) that it's time for a remake. Still, wiping away that snarling cynicism, the film looks like it could be a fun action flick. Take a look at the first trailer below.



Starring relative unknowns Luke Bracey and Édgar Ramírez and directed by former cinematographer Ericson Core, Warner Bros. are betting big on 'Point Break', gifting it a generous $100m budget - roughly 4 times that of the original.


But really is there an audience for the film, or is this another unwanted remake, just like last year's 'Robocop'? I guess we shall see when the film hits cinemas on Christmas Day.

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The Rock breaks surprise world record on 'San Andreas' publicity trail

Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as 'The Rock' has smashed a new world record whilst on the publicity trail for his new film 'San Andreas' which opens worldwide this week - but probably not one you were expecting. Weight lifting? Arm size? None of the above.



Dwayne Johnson is now the proud owner of the world record for the most selfies in three minutes, having taken 105 images with fans in three minutes. That's one every 1.71 seconds.


Not only is Johnson a Guinness Book of Records holder, and a media tart, but he's also proven to be a good sport to his fans. Bless him.

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Rockstar Games sues BBC over telemovie about being sued

Back in April, we revealed that the UK's BBC were planning a telemovie about the legal wranglings between Rockstar Games and lawyer Jack Thompson, with 'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe to portray Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser and Bill Paxton as anti-'Grand Theft Auto' crusading lawyer Jack Thompson. Now it seems that the tables have turned, with the game company doing the suing.




In an ironic touch, Rockstar Games is sending in the lawyers in an attempt to prevent the upcoming telemovie from being made, which would detail the tumultuous time when Jack Thompson sued the company. In a statement from Rockstar Games published by IGN, the company notes that it "is our obligation to protect our intellectual property and unfortunately in this case litigation was necessary before kicking the project as an "unofficial depiction of purported events related to Rockstar Games".


TweakTown understands that the telemovie has not begun shooting as yet, so may very be well on hold - if not cancelled - for now.

'Mad Max' Blu-ray to include black & white version

This summer's 'Mad Max: Fury Road' continues to do solid business across the world, winning high praise from reviewers and sitting pretty with an impressive 98% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes, but it seems that plans for the home video release of the film are well advanced.


Speaking to Slash Film, Director George Miller apparently "demanded a black and white version of Fury Road for the Blu-ray and that version of the film will feature an option to hear just the isolated score as the only soundtrack". The website even made a video to illustrate how the film plays out in black and white, which you can see below.



'Mad Max: Fury Road' is expected to hit Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in September.

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View the heartfelt 'Batkid Begins' documentary trailer

Warner Bros. has shown off a trailer for the "Batkid Begins" documentary, featuring Miles Scott, a young leukemia patient who became superhero for a day in San Francisco. The 5-year-old received help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation and city of San Francisco, which featured him fighting bad guys to help save "Gotham."



Batkid received international attention, with President Obama and numerous celebrities offering praise and support for the young child. "One of his doctors told us that with this disease, they just become, like, a fighter," according to a statement from Scott's father in the trailer. "They fight for life. I think he sees the good vs. evil battle in superheroes."


"Batkid Begins" will open on June 26.

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Jeremy Clarkson in first post Top Gear interview accepts some blame

Everyone learned a new word recently and that was 'fracas'. There was a lot of discussion, speculation, anger, sadness and disbelief around Jeremy Clarksons removal and the termination of the world's most popular TV show Top gear.




To summarize what happened for you, Clarskon got into a fight (fracas) with his producer which resulted in his termination from the show. In his first (brief) interview since this sacking took place, Clarkson stated that "it was my own silly fault so I can hardly complain" and also that he "didn't actually anticipate not doing it anymore at the time."


Sadness aside, Clarkson reflected on his ex-co workers, lamenting "I like the BBC" adding "there are some dreadful people in it, but there are also some really talented people and I'll thank them for it, for some time now."

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Voice artist campaigns for vacant 'Simpsons' characters

Last week it was revealed that long time 'Simpsons' voice artist Harry Shearer - the voice of dozens of characters, would be leaving the show after the broadcast of the final episode of Season 26 - which has just aired in the U.S. Now, a relatively unknown voice artist is campaigning to fill the gap in a video that's hitting social media.



Los Angeles voice actor Brock Baker has uploaded a three minute demo reel to YouTube where he voices fourteen Harry Shearer characters including Mr. Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders, Kent Brockman, Lenny, Principal Skinner, Otto and Jasper. The video is currently sitting at just under 150,000 views.


'Simpsons' show runner Al Jean earlier confirmed to the 'New York Times' that "we do not plan to kill off characters like Burns and Flanders but will recast with the finest voice over talent available." Whoever gets the role, odds are that they won't be paid the same $300,000 fee paid to Harry Shearer for each episode - over $7 million per season.

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Fox commits to 4K Blu-ray format

Last week, the Blu-ray disc association revealed that the specification for the next-generation UHD Blu-ray format had been locked down, and now the first studio has publicly committed to releasing films on the upcoming format.




Twentieth Century Fox, who holds the rights to some of the biggest box-office, including the top two - 'Avatar', 'Titanic' along with other back catalogue favourites such as 'Independence Day' and the 'Alien' and 'X-Men' franchises has now backed the format in a report from The Hollywood Reporter.


The Chief Technology Officer at Fox, Hanno Basse who also serves as the industry's UHD Alliance president and spoke last month at the launch of the UHD Blu-ray spec.

Donkey Kong and Pac Man attack in new 'Pixels' trailer

Sony Pictures have today released a second action packed trailer for their biggest summer blockbuster 'Pixels', which ups the anticipation for the feature film.



Based on Patrick Jean's viral video from 2010, 'Pixels' pits classic video game characters such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Frogger and Donkey Kong against humanity when they misinterpret Earths interplanetary communications as a declaration of war.


Directed by 'Harry Potter' and 'Home Alone' veteran Chris Columbus, 'Pixels' is released in US theatres on July 24 and weeks later on September 10 in Australia.

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