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Rezvani Beast sports car is an Ariel Atom with bodywork

Sports car fans may be familiar with the Ariel Atom. The Atom is a small and very minimalist ride that has no bodywork and leaves the driver out in the open. Power comes typically from Honda sourced four cylinder engines. A company from California called Rezvani Automotive Designs is now taking that Atom sports car and attaching a sleek carbon fiber body to it to make a very interesting looking car.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37545_5_rezvani_beast_sports_car_is_an_ariel_atom_with_bodywork.jpg


It uses either a turbo charged four cylinder or a supercharged four for power. The company makes the carbon fiber panels themselves and paints them in sleek colors. All the work takes 1000-1500 hours and five to six months to complete.

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Etihad Airways unveils new multi-room suite in the air

Typically, the best you can do if you are wealthy and flying long distances on a commercial aircraft is to buy a first class seat. The national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, has announced the most luxurious way to fly this side of your own private aircraft. Called The Residence, the airline is a 125 square foot apartment in the sky for rich passengers to enjoy.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37494_2_etihad_airways_unveils_new_multi_room_suite_in_the_air.jpg


People who book The Residence will get their own butler for the duration of the flight. The suite features a living room with its own 32-inch TV, two seat reclining sofa, dining tables, and a chilled mini-bar. The living room is separated from the bedroom by a door and a short passageway.

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US Congressman wants to raise EV tax credit to $10,000

In the US, the federal government really wants drivers to opt for electric vehicles. There are many reasons for this desire in the US including the desire to reduce pollution caused by vehicles and reduce dependence on foreign oil. Despite the big tax credits offered, most consumers still stay away from EVs.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37493_1_us_congressman_wants_to_raise_ev_tax_credit_to_10_000.jpg


One US congressman from Vermont believes the trick to getting more of middle class America to purchase an EV is to up that tax credit even further. Congressman Peter Welch has said recently that he wants the tax credit to be $10,000.

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Mercedes unveils pricing for 2014 B-Class Electric Drive EV

Mercedes is set to roll out its very first electric vehicle this year. The car is the 2014 B-Class Electric Drive and it is the first pure electric vehicle that Mercedes has offered in the US. The car will sell for $41,450 not including the $925 destination fee. Buyers might be able to get the $7500 tax credit from the federal government on the car.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37421_6_mercedes_unveils_pricing_for_2014_b_class_electric_drive_ev.jpg


Mercedes equips the vehicle with a 28 kWh lithium-ion battery good for up to 85 miles per charge. It will take that battery pack about two hours to charge enough for 60 miles of driving on a 240V charger. Other features include a Map Pilot navigation system, Collision Prevention, Assist with adaptive Brake Assist, and Attention Assist.

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Insane 600hp Audi S1 can hit 60 mph in 1.9 seconds

In the racing world, cars that roll off the assembly line with impressive performance and looks are often made much more insane than the factory counterparts. Such is the case with a new racecar built by Mattias Ekstrom. Ekstrom is a racing driver that has won races in several different vehicles in the past and he is getting into the World Rallycross Championships next season.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37369_4_insane_600hp_audi_s1_can_hit_60_mph_in_1_9_seconds.jpg


His ride for the race series is a heavily modified Audi S1. That car is interesting as it rolls off the assembly line, but it's completely bonkers in race trim. The car uses a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbo engine. It's unclear how much boost the engine makes but with 600 hp on tap I'd say a lot.

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Fisker Karma may cruise the roads again in 2015 under new ownership

Fisker is a car company that started about the time the US government began making loans to companies to create alternative energy cars and systems. Fisker took out a big loan and ended up going bankrupt before spending all the money. The automaker was recently purchased by a Chinese company called Wanxiang.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37242_2_fisker_karma_may_cruise_the_roads_again_in_2015_under_new_ownership.jpg


Wanxiang has announced that it hopes to have the Karma plug-in hybrid back on the road by mid-2015. Some things have to happen before Fisker starts producing cars again. It has to find a CEO and a new headquarters for the company. Both of those tasks are underway now.

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Recargo aims at world record for longest car trip using electricity

A company called Recargo has tried to set a Guinness World Record for the longest journey ever made in a vehicle using electricity alone. For the record attempt, the company put a driver behind the wheel of a stock Tesla Model S electric vehicle. The trip lasted 24-days and covered 12,183 miles.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37212_3_recargo_aims_at_world_record_for_longest_car_trip_using_electricity.jpg


Verification and award of the world record are not complete at this time. The trip is over and during the drive across the country, the vehicle travelled through the four corners of the lower 48 states. The trip drove through Washington, Maine, Florida, and California along with a bunch of other states in between.

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2015 Mini Paceman to offer gas, diesel, and AWD options

Mini has unveiled the new Paceman that is set to hit dealerships in July. The new car is a 2-door hatchback that has an impressive amount of space inside despite the car's small stature. Mini will offer the new Paceman in several trims including the Paceman S and the John Cooper Works edition.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37170_3_2015_mini_paceman_to_offer_gas_diesel_and_awd_options.jpg


New colors available for the car include piano black, jungle green metallic, and midnight grey metallic. Mini will also offer the car with optional lightweight alloy wheels and optional reduced rolling resistance tires. The most powerful of the Paceman models is the John Cooper Works Paceman with a 4-cylinder twin-scroll turbo engine producing 218hp.

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Nissan unveils all-new 2015 Murano in New York

Nissan has pulled the wraps off a new SUV at the 2014 New York International Auto show. The new SUV is an all-new version of the Murano. That SUV has been around for a long time and was in need of an update.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37118_5_nissan_unveils_all_new_2015_murano_in_new_york.jpg


The new Murano has a front end that looks a lot like the other Nissan SUVs such as the new Pathfinder and Rogue. The car has what Nissan calls a V-motion front end and a floating rear roof. Inside the car, Nissan calls the interior a social lounge with a lower height instrument panel, wider center console, and zero gravity seats for front and outside rear passengers.

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Mercedes-AMG GT is a "GT sports car in its purest form"

Mercedes has unveiled a new sports car that looks really cool on the inside and out. The car is called the Mercedes-AMG GT and the automaker says that it is a "sports car in its purest form." This is the second sports car developed independently by Mercedes-AMG.


TweakTown image news/3/7/37095_7_mercedes_amg_gt_is_a_gt_sports_car_in_its_purest_form.jpg


The look at the car Mercedes is offering is a sneak peak, so many of the specifications of the car are not announced. We don't know how much power it will have. Mercedes is known for making very powerful cars, so this one will be no slouch no matter what is under the hood.

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