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Console gamers rejoice: Xbox Live, PlayStation Network working again!

The Lizard Squad hacker group delivered on its promise to attack Microsoft's Xbox Live and Sony's PlayStation Network on Christmas, bringing both console gaming services down. Both services were crippled, but PSN suffered a longer outage, but is back online and operating normally.




The networks were most likely attacked by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, orchestrated by the Lizard Squad, though it is unknown why it took Sony longer to restore service.


It was a rather unfortunate incident for Microsoft and Sony, as many consumers received Xbox One or PlayStation 4 game consoles - and new video games - they were likely excited to test during the holidays. However, Xbox Live was restored on Saturday, and it looks like PlayStation Network regained stability early Monday morning.

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ISIS tries wooing protesters, evolving its social media campaigns

Casualties of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria continue to pile up, so the Islamic extremist group is increasing its social media recruitment efforts. In its most recent campaign to attract westerners, ISIS wants angry protesters in Ferguson, Missouri to join efforts to cause chaos.




"Hey blacks, ISIS will save you," with the group using the hashtags #IslamicState, #Ferguson and #Coming. Of course, ISIS wants the criminals and troublemakers, hoping to entice them to spread destruction across the country.


"We received intelligence reports for law enforcement showing actual tweets ISIS was putting out encouraging Americans to join the people who were burning down buildings in Ferguson to engage that kind of conduct across America," said Sean Cox, FBI special agent in charge of the Springfield, Illinois region, in a statement to the media.

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Time for Sony Pictures to make 'The Interview' an Online Release

Sony Pictures Entertainment announced it has canceled the Christmas Day release of "The Interview," due to a terror threat against theaters showing the movie.




I hope to see Sony Pictures release the movie online, as I would be willing to pay a few bucks to download - or stream - the film. Let's face it: The damage has already been done to Sony, as the company is struggling to recover from the high-profile data breach, with information continually leaked online. Whether or not they keep the movie from public release altogether, the cybercriminals behind the attack aren't going to suddenly stop, apologize, and promise to not leak additional information in the future.


Here is what Sony said in a statement: "We respect and understand our partners' decision and, of course, completely share their paramount interest in the safety of employees and theater-goers."

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San Jose Police Department officer shows you what NOT to Tweet

San Jose police officer Phillip White needs a refresher course in social media etiquette, after two regrettable tweets that have landed him in hot water. In addition to being a police officer, he also serves as a Menlo College assistant basketball coach, while earning praise from local media publications and the public.




Here is what White tweeted, before deleting the posts:


"Threaten me or my family and I will use my God given and law-appointed right and duty to kill you. #CopsLivesMatter"


"By the way if anyone feels they can't breathe or their lives matter, I'll be at the movies tonight, off duty, carrying my gun."

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Six quick tips for safer online shopping this Christmas

Just a quick blog post related to online shopping - at a time when many of us break out the credit cards to make sure gifts are under the Christmas tree. There is an increased effort to help share details to keep consumers secure, as numerous data breaches proved to be a serious wake-up call to Americans.




The Amica Mutual Insurance Company offers the following advice:


  1. Update security software prior to making purchases
  2. Beware of good deals from companies that don't look familiar. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  3. Shop with trustworthy companies. If interested in purchasing from an unfamiliar company, do background research to ensure they are reliable
  4. Never respond to unsolicited emails or "spam."
  5. If asked to act quickly or respond to an emergency through email, it may be a scam
  6. Save records of online transactions, including the product description, price and return policy


Now, I know that these steps are fairly basic - and most of us are familiar with them - but you probably know a couple of people that would be able to benefit from a quick reminder. If it wasn't such a big deal, it wouldn't be in the news and on websites every day leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Learning from Chef Gordon Ramsay's social media abilities

In honor of the start of the second season of MasterChef Junior tonight on Fox, I wanted to give kudos to super chef Gordon Ramsay's excellent social media skills.


Ramsay has 1.98 million followers on Twitter (@gordonramsay), and is quite active on the social media network, with more than 10,200 total tweets. Ramsay's Facebook page has more than 3.3 million likes, and it only takes minutes before his shared comments, links, images, and videos have thousands of likes from followers.




It's not all about shameless self-promotion, as he frequently tweets and posts Facebook updates about his personal life, including his love of triathlons, intense passion for good food, and his family.


For PR and marketing reps, observing how Ramsay uses social media offers tidbits that can be used by others in their social media campaign. Ramsay doesn't do anything overly complicated on social media; instead, he typically chooses light-hearted updates about where he is and what he has been up to. It's a lighter side to the person that seemingly is always featured on TV shows yelling at everyone in sight.

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Lessons learned from JPMorgan Chase data breach, as attacks increase

The need for sophisticated cybersecurity is necessary for companies, but is absolutely paramount for financial institutions responsible for safeguarding billions of dollars. However, a successful cyberattack that breached JPMorgan Chase over the summer revealed just how susceptible they are to attack from foreign criminals.




After JPMorgan Chase was attacked, phishing and vishing (voice phishing) attacks began to hit some Chase bank customers. After a company has been successfully breached, many of the records end up on the black market, where other criminals can purchase customer personal information for their own activities.


JPMorgan Chase reportedly spends $250 million per year on network and system security, which we all saw was rather ineffective. CEO Jamie Dimon noted his company could end up increasing the amount, upwards of $500 million per year, to help try to defend against future attacks that are becoming almost routine.

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Mobile payments won't go away, and the market is evolving rapidly

Mobile payments have garnered a significant amount of attention in the past few months, especially with Apple's announcement of the Apple Pay service.




It seems consumers will be able to determine the long-term winner of the mobile payment war - but let's not forget that there are other options beyond CurrentC and Apple Pay. Ironically, Starbucks claims to control 90 percent of the current mobile payments market, as 16 percent of all its customers currently use mobile payments.


I think Meijer's decision to support both CurrentC and Apple Pay, much to the horror of the Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), indicates how retailers want to allow their customers to use whatever mobile payment service they want to.


I currently own a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone - and not an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus - so Apple Pay already is out. Nor would I purchase an iPhone just because I want to use the company's mobile payment system. It's unknown if Apple can win the mobile wallet war, but with many consumers using Google Android-powered smartphones, then stores should have at least one alternative service in place for the rest of us.

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Collaborative work environments in co-working spots lead to success

It can be all about the co-working space for startups and entrepreneurs, providing a great opportunity for some geeks to create the next major influential company. I absolutely enjoyed visiting the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California, which allows developers and tech geeks to share an open workspace. Events and private workspaces are available, with a full calendar of events to keep everyone learning.




Another major success is RocketSpace, a San Francisco-based co-working space that has grown large enough it can provide an office-as-a-service for growing tech companies. This type of work environment flourishes in San Francisco because of the large amount of talent within 50 miles of the City.


"We've also seen an evolution of co-working space," said Duncan Logan, founder and CEO of Rocket Space, in a recent interview in Entrepreneur. "It used to be only startups but increasingly we see larger companies looking at this as office as a service. Some started here and could afford their own space but will stay as long as we keep providing more desks. Others, like Spotify, are based somewhere else but use this as a satellite office."


Entrepreneur recently published a great interview with Logan and I highly recommend giving it a read.

Parking Panda teams up with Baltimore Ravens for easier parking

In a rather curious news release, online parking reservation company Parking Panda has teamed up with the Baltimore Ravens, playing in the M&T Bank Stadium. Pre-purchased electronic parking passes can be purchased online and tickets can be shown on smartphones.




Customers can park in nearby parking garages and logs in advance for both preseason and regular season games.


"We're absolutely thrilled about this partnership and for the extraordinary opportunity to transform the experience for the best football fans in the world," said Nick Miller, Parking Panda CEO, in a press statement. "Parking Panda is deeply committed to our hometown of Baltimore and our goal of making parking painless. This partnership bridges our passions together, and we look forward to providing a seamless parking experience to allow our fans and every-goers to fully enjoy their experience."


Parking at NFL stadiums on game day can be a chaotic experience, with thousands of cars streaming into each lot. Having an integrated system to help quickly scam vehicles into the lot, providing a realistic third-party parking strategy.

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