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"Amy Farrah Fowler", Mayim Bialik, helping drive interest in STEM

There is a continued effort to better improve U.S. workforce balance, and that includes boosting domestic growth of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields in the United States.


TweakTown image blogs/5/5/55_01_amy_farrah_fowler_mayim_bialik_helping_drive_interest_in_stem.jpg


Dr. Mayim Bialik, also known as "Amy Farrah Fowler" on The Big Bang Theory, has found a way to inspire students to potentially explore STEM fields. I think it's incredible that Bialik is a neuroscientist, graduating with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from UCLA, and plays one on The Big Bang Theory. She's the perfect role model to not only drive STEM fields among Americans, but women - drastically outnumbered by men in tech fields - to explore very exciting, cutting-edge programs.


Instead of joining the biotech world, Bialik went to Hollywood and will have a lasting impact on improving the public image of STEM fields.


TweakTown image blogs/5/5/55_02_amy_farrah_fowler_mayim_bialik_helping_drive_interest_in_stem.jpg


To help drive interest in STEM fields, the White House has become more active, with First Lady Michelle Obama previously saying: "If we're going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we've got to open doors for everyone. We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math."


Women account for half of all college-educated employees throughout the United States, but only account for 28 percent of STEM careers. There is a lot of work to be done to help drive women into STEM fields, though it's a very possible endeavor that is now more well supported by universities and corporations.


(Thanks to CraftyStiches for the first image!)

Interview with Brian Rouch from Hacker Dojo, a true geek hangout

The San Francisco Bay Area is a great area for startups to benefit from incubators and co-op working office locations, with countless locations from San Francisco to San Jose. I recently stopped by the Hacker Dojo location in Mountain View, California, which is a community center for tech geeks working on projects.


TweakTown image blogs/5/3/53_02_interview_with_brian_rouch_from_hacker_dojo_a_true_geek_hangout.jpg


I originally visited Hacker Dojo when I attended the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) meetup last week. I've attended multiple small tech meetups and think Hacker Dojo, even with a lack of parking in its current lot, is an excellent venue for events.


"What's compelling about Hacker Dojo, it is the open membership for anyone... we don't decide who is allowed, anyone can come in and be a member," said Brian Rouch, Hacker Dojo Executive Director, when speaking to me recently. "We have a lot of members in the ideation phase, start hacking or working on something, and you can see the teams grow."


TweakTown image blogs/5/3/53_01_interview_with_brian_rouch_from_hacker_dojo_a_true_geek_hangout.jpg


There is a certain passion that can be immediately recognized throughout the Hacker Dojo building, with people busily typing away on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Others are engaged in phone conversations or conference calls, while some converse about current projects and future aspirations. It's an open work environment that consists of a co-working space, events venue, and large social area.


Hacker Dojo welcomes guests, but also encourages frequent visitors to sign up for a $100 monthly membership, which helps cover overhead (utilities, Internet bandwidth, etc.) - and has some unique perks:


"Members get the farm - 24-hour access, Internet, stocked kitchen, lots of events, electronics and robotics lab, plus other perks," Rouch added that events are a big part of the Hacker Dojo culture - and will play host to six events this Saturday alone, with 20 spread throughout the first few days of February.


The group has around 400 members, and 71 members joined in January, marking the biggest single month of new membership in Hacker Dojo history.


Moving forward, Hacker Dojo will look to continue its expansion, with planning related to additional conference spaces, extra desk space, and improved parking for the growing non-profit.


"(We) want the organization to be self-sufficient," Rouch said, wishing for a bright future of Hacker Dojo. "(We) want a new building fund, for acquiring a large building or expanding to a campus of smaller buildings for Hacker Dojo."


Hacker Dojo is available 24/7 for members, and guest hours are from 8:00AM to 10:00PM every day.


I look forward to visiting again! (Hello Katy - keep up the great work!)


(Images from Wiki)

Russian businessman, Oleg Tinkov, has a unique stance on social media

Social media has evolved into a powerful platform for regular users, celebrities, and companies to share thoughts and ideas to a global audience. Companies such as Comcast and AT&T, which have struggled with customer support issues, use Twitter, for example, as a way to connect with subscribers.


TweakTown image blogs/3/7/37_01_russian_businessman_oleg_tinkov_has_a_unique_stance_on_social_media.jpg


Then, there are others that use Twitter and social media as a way to communicate freely and openly - even if that means ruffling some feathers along the way. Oleg Tinkov, a controversial Russian businessman and owner of the Team Tinkoff-Saxo professional cycling squad, uses Twitter for a different purpose: to stir up fun drama.


As I've said in the past, I don't really see Twitter as an official way of communicating," Tinkov recently told Cyclingnews. "Earlier I tweeted that whoever wears a helmet is a lower because I don't wear a helmet this morning on the ride. But it was a bit of fun, a bit of provocation. Smart people had a laugh about it and understand it's a joke; mediocre people wanted to prove me wrong and criticized me. Of course, it's obvious that helmets are important for safety."


Tinkov has made controversial Twitter statements in the past, and if it Twitter isn't an "official way" of chatting, at least he has fun doing it. Even though Tinkov mentions he doesn't believe it's an official communication platform, the team owner should be careful - he's under heavy observation from cycling fans - as he has one of the deepest teams in the pro peloton.


However, I wish Tinkov the best - and hope he continues to have fun on Twitter - because I think people need to understand that he's going to continue to joke around regardless of what people think.


(Image: Scanpix (Oleg Tinkov on left, alongside star rider Alberto Contador)

PC market still suffering, but reason for optimism

As we anxiously look ahead to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 next week from Las Vegas, Nevada, the PC market struggles to reverse course of declining sales in the consumer market. PC prices are declining, multiple choices from a few different tier 1 vendors, and products remain packed with hardware.


The year ahead remains uncertain for PC OEMs trying to rebound from a turbulent 2013, as tablets will continue to cannibalize the market. The PC market saw a 10.1 percent sales drop in 2013, according to research from IDC, making it the largest drop in PC industry history.

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Target still suffering from high-profile security threat that hit 46M

Popular retailer Target is still struggling with a public backlash following a data leak that left 40 million customers affected, with in-store customers having debit and credit card information exposed.


Since the breach happened, there has been constant backlash, with editorials already wondering if the company will be able to successfully bounce back. Ultimately, I think the company will be able to recover and make it up to customers, but it's going to take time to mend the fragile relationship.


There is something else that is often overlooked when we hear of an information data breach: the banks that are supposed to protect customers.

Continue reading 'Target still suffering from high-profile security threat that hit 46M' (full post)

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