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Collaborative work environments in co-working spots lead to success

It can be all about the co-working space for startups and entrepreneurs, providing a great opportunity for some geeks to create the next major influential company. I absolutely enjoyed visiting the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, California, which allows developers and tech geeks to share an open workspace. Events and private workspaces are available, with a full calendar of events to keep everyone learning.


TweakTown image blogs/1/1/110_01_collaborative_work_environments_in_co_working_spots_lead_to_success.jpg


Another major success is RocketSpace, a San Francisco-based co-working space that has grown large enough it can provide an office-as-a-service for growing tech companies. This type of work environment flourishes in San Francisco because of the large amount of talent within 50 miles of the City.


"We've also seen an evolution of co-working space," said Duncan Logan, founder and CEO of Rocket Space, in a recent interview in Entrepreneur. "It used to be only startups but increasingly we see larger companies looking at this as office as a service. Some started here and could afford their own space but will stay as long as we keep providing more desks. Others, like Spotify, are based somewhere else but use this as a satellite office."


Entrepreneur recently published a great interview with Logan and I highly recommend giving it a read.

Parking Panda teams up with Baltimore Ravens for easier parking

In a rather curious news release, online parking reservation company Parking Panda has teamed up with the Baltimore Ravens, playing in the M&T Bank Stadium. Pre-purchased electronic parking passes can be purchased online and tickets can be shown on smartphones.


TweakTown image blogs/1/0/100_01_parking_panda_teams_up_with_baltimore_ravens_for_easier_parking.jpg


Customers can park in nearby parking garages and logs in advance for both preseason and regular season games.


"We're absolutely thrilled about this partnership and for the extraordinary opportunity to transform the experience for the best football fans in the world," said Nick Miller, Parking Panda CEO, in a press statement. "Parking Panda is deeply committed to our hometown of Baltimore and our goal of making parking painless. This partnership bridges our passions together, and we look forward to providing a seamless parking experience to allow our fans and every-goers to fully enjoy their experience."


Parking at NFL stadiums on game day can be a chaotic experience, with thousands of cars streaming into each lot. Having an integrated system to help quickly scam vehicles into the lot, providing a realistic third-party parking strategy.

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Tour of California Shimano CM-1000 sports camera footage

The Tour of California cycling race, which saw Sir Bradley Wiggins capture the overall general classification, was the testing ground for Shimano's new CM-1000 sports camera.


TweakTown image blogs/9/0/90_01_tour_of_california_shimano_cm_1000_sports_camera_footage.jpg


Cycling favorite Jens Voigt also took the camera for a spin:



Footage of the peloton screaming down a descent, topping speeds of 55+ mph on two wheels:



Final three kilometers of stage 8:



It's going to be difficult to try and break the strangle hold GoPro has on action sports, but the market certainly could do with a few additional competitors.

PG&E boosts security, lawmaker wants to create law demanding change

An attack on a PG&E substation located near San Jose last year sent up alarm bells in regards to security, and California Senator Jerry Hill introduced legislation that would force utility companies to submit security plans to the State Public Utilities Commission.


TweakTown image blogs/7/1/71_01_pg_e_boosts_security_lawmaker_wants_to_create_law_demanding_change.jpg


In the incident last year, gunshots knocked out 17 transformers, causing more than $15 million in damage, while also knocking out power in select Silicon Valley locations.


PG&E representatives described the attack as a "game-changer" for PG&E and other utility providers, bringing new attention to security. PG&E is boosting security by creating fenced-off buffer zones, trimming back vegetation and adding better intruder detection systems.

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Phishing 101: Regular Internet users must be aware of the dangers

Every time you connect to the Internet, there is someone interested in stealing data about you, including your personal and banking information, and anything else they can sell or trade.


TweakTown image blogs/6/9/69_01_phishing_101_regular_internet_users_must_be_aware_of_the_dangers.jpg


Looking back at 2013, there were an estimated 450,000 attacks that generated a record $5.9 billion in consumer loss, remaining a major threat to users, according to the RSA "2013 A Year in Review" report focused on phishing.


Cybercriminals have a vast underground in which they are able to share technologies and tools used to launch attacks. Free mass-mailing guides can be found on some of these forums, with in-depth guides available for low prices, it's even easier to launch attacks.


The top five countries targeted by phishing attacks, according to RSA: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, India, and South Africa - North America garnered 26 percent of all phishing attacks worldwide.

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Catbird Security aims to boost enterprise cloud security environment

Security company Catbird announced it will work with Trapezoid to combine security solutions to improve security and compliance. Security companies have to wade through multiple layers of government bureaucracy for multiple industries, which creates opportunities for these types of enterprise offerings.


TweakTown image blogs/6/5/65_01_catbird_security_aims_to_boost_enterprise_cloud_security_environment.jpg


"Catbird's comprehensive security, compliance, and policy enforcement engine leverages Trapezoid's integrity, boundary, and trust events for real-time enforcement actions and alerts to policy violations creating mechanisms for potential remediation actions based on the integrity and trust degradation of the cloud platform that is hosting the assets Catbird is monitoring," said Robert Rounsavall, Trapezoid president and cofounder, in a press statement.


Creating working relationships continues to be a major initiative during the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco, with companies teaming up to defend against cyberattacks, create new solutions, and enhance customer offerings.

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During RSA 2014, security experts voice displeasure over NSA spying

RSA 2014 - The RSA Conference has not surprisingly emerged into a shooting gallery for attendees, exhibitors, and executives, giving them the chance to speak out against NSA spying.


TweakTown image blogs/6/4/64_01_during_rsa_2014_security_experts_voice_displeasure_over_nsa_spying.jpg


After the conversations I heard everywhere from the press room and discussion panels to the expo show floor, it's apparent that people don't enjoy the NSA snooping. It was most telling when prominent cybersecurity experts spoke out during the show.


From a panel at RSA:


"When you don't have transparency, their claims about (surveillance) being useful and stopping terrorism were BS," said Richard Clark, former cyberspace adviser to President Bush, Clinton and Obama, during a panel.

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Don't expect to see Microsoft Xbox One catch Sony PlayStation 4 soon

,The Sony PlayStation 4 game console is popular and it will be hard for the Microsoft Xbox One to try and catch up to its rival anytime soon. Microsoft is likely desperate to claw its way back into the console race, but there is still plenty of time for the Xbox One to make a major impact in the gaming market.


TweakTown image blogs/6/3/63_01_don_t_expect_to_see_microsoft_xbox_one_catch_sony_playstation_4.jpg


Unfortunately for the Xbox One, which isn't as graphically powerful as the PS4, the game console also is $100 - a whopping 25 percent - more expensive than the PS4. Microsoft had success with the Xbox One through the holiday shopping season in 2013, but sales have significantly dropped, with the PS4 outselling the Xbox One by a 2-to-1 ratio.


Sony has received quite a bit of praise from developers in favor of the PS4, with Grasshopper Manufacture CEO Goichi Suda recently complimenting the game console. Before him, Konami's Hideo Kojima also applauded the PS4, saying Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes will play at 60fps with full 1080p support.

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Pioneer Electronics introduces cycling power meter for road bikes

Pioneer, better known as a home and car audio company, continues to dabble with the sport of cycling, unveiled a snazzy new dual-leg power meter. Power meters are used by pro cyclists and avid riders to help track power output that provides an instant look into performance and current fitness levels.


TweakTown image blogs/6/1/61_01_pioneer_electronics_introduces_cycling_power_meter_for_road_bikes.jpg


The Pioneer Power Metter uses six independent sensors that sends information wirelessly to the handlebar-mounted head unit using ANT+. The torque, force location, and force angle are calculated, with sensors located every 30 degrees of each pedal rotation.


"Passionate riders know that 'power is king' and in order to reach the next level in performance, power and efficiency must be increased," said David Bales, Pioneer Manager of New Business, in a press statement. "Our engineers, who are avid riders themselves, set out to take power measurement well beyond today's norm. Output analysis of both legs and understanding where and how power is applied will help riders elevate their game."


TweakTown image blogs/6/1/61_02_pioneer_electronics_introduces_cycling_power_meter_for_road_bikes.jpg


It's great to see Pioneer involved in cycling, even serving as a sponsor of the Team Belkin Pro Cycling Team, major team based in the Netherlands. The Shimano Ultegra configuration has a $1,550 price tag, Dura-Ace 9000 grouppo will cost $1,850, and the cycle-computer alone will be $300.

Creating a realistic 3D science environment for students

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has teamed up with 3P Learning to create a unique 3D educational world that replicates real life environments that can be closely studied in the classroom.


TweakTown image blogs/5/9/59_01_creating_the_3d_science_environment_for_students.jpg


Students will be able to study in a virtual research lab, completing quests while working through core science skills. The ability to see real-world locations in high-definition video provides a unique opportunity to show how science truly impacts the environment.


"Imagine walking beneath the dense canopy of the Daintree rainforest, understanding the forces holding up the Sydney Harbour Bridge or exploring the life found amongst the elaborate underground structures of the Jenolan Caves," said Jay Guo, CSIRO Researcher Leader Professor, in a statement.


I am a fan of seeing these type of efforts, regardless of where they are in the world, because increasing educational ability is a major effort. Most students cannot go and learn out in the field very often, but this should give them an interactive, realistic method to explore the world without actually leaving.

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